Translational Neurodegeneration Research & Neuropathology

Jens PahnkeGroup leader
Jens Pahnke
Group leader
This combined research and diagnostic lab is located at Rikshospitalet. We provide daily diagnostic service for brain biopsy diagnostics, muscle disease diagnostics, routine autopsy diagnostics for adults, kids and fetuses, and forensic neuropathology consultations. Our research focuses on basic and molecular neurodegeneration research, translational projects, patient-related treatment and diagnostic research. We have several unique mouse lines located at the Radium Hospital mouse facility.

Currently Externally Funded Projects

  • PROP-AD: Propagation behaviour of peripheral amyloid-β towards brain structures: effects of the blood-brain barrier (JPND / EU / NFR)
  • PhytoAD: St. John’s wort as Alzheimer’s treatment – New ways of identification, exploitation and use of natural resources (SAW Leibniz Society Grant / EFRE)
  • Blood-brain barrier ABCG2 function in Alzheimer´s diseaseLSC14-008 funded
  • ABC-HC: The importance of ABC transporters for the pathogenesis and treatment of Huntington’s disease (HSØ)
  • ABC-S1P: S1P and ABC transporters – synergistic treatment targets for Alzheimer´s disease (HSØ)
  • REPURPOSE-DMF: Dimethyl fumarate – Repurposing a MS drug to treat AD (Nationalforeningen)
  • ShortAbeta: Short Aβ-related peptides in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease – new avenues for treatment (LZPP Latvia)
  • Establishment of comprehensive molecular diagnostics for kids’ brain tumours in Norway (Barnekreftforeningen)

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