Norwegian Research Centre for Women’s Health

Siri VangenHead of section
Siri Vangen
Head of section

Head of section, Professor, MD PhD, Specialist in Obstetric & Gynaecology Siri Vangen

Founded in 2006, the Norwegian Research Centre for Women’s Health focuses on research, development of expertise and dissemination of knowledge.

Our research focuses on

  • Reproductive health, including infertility, congenital heart disease in pregnant women, and future challenges for obstetric care such as lifestyle related diseases and provision of health care in a multiethnic setting. 
  • Cancer in women.
  • Gender dimension in health and disease. 

Our primary goal is to be a national source of the most updated knowledge of women's health, for both health authorities and health professionals. Through regular training courses we aim to increase health professionals competence and skills in meeting new challenges of care. In addition to scientific publications we disseminate new research based knowledge about women'’s health to the public.

Collaborators and networks:
Cancer Registry of Norway
Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Norwegian audit group for maternal deaths
Nordic audit group for maternal deaths
Nordic Marcé Society
INOSS International Obstetric Surveillance Systems
ROAM - Reproductive outcomes and migration
FOKO – Research on female genital mutilation 

Contact information:
Siri Vangen, Profesor, MD PhD; Oslo University Hospital HF; Rikshospitalet; PO box 4950 Nydalen; 0424 Oslo, Norway
Tel: + 47 23 07 26 89, E-post: