Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research group

Group leader Elisabeth G. Celius
Group leader Elisabeth G. Celius

Les om koronavirus, studien Nevrovax og MS her!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research group at Department of Neurology at Oslo University Hospital (OUH) aims to identify characteristics and susceptibility factors of MS, to contribute to a better understanding of the disease and development of better treatments. The MS research group is a member of the Neuroscience Research Unit (NRU). Read about the MS research group in Norwegian on our University of Oslo website and check out our facebook page: MS-forskningsgruppen ved Oslo Universitetssykehus - UiO

Research aims:

The main research aims of our group are:

  • Clinical studies on disease characteristics and treatment
  • Epidemiological studies and studies on the course of MS
  • MRI studies with the overaching aim of unraveling novel imaging markers to improve brain health for people with MS.
  • Omics' studies of genome-wide epigenetic, transcriptomic and proteomic studies on immune cells in MS
  • Molecular analyses to study the functional relevance of selected MS susceptibility genes in immune cells

Clinical trials:

  • NOR-MS: Comparing treatment with cladribine and rituximab
  • NEVROVAX: Study of responses to vaccination against influenza and COVID-19
  • LEM-PASS: Safety follow-up after treatment with alemtuzumab (Sponsor Sanofi)
  • CLAD-CROSS: A prospective study of safety and efficacy when switching to cladribine (Sponsor Merck)
  • COMB157G23101: A prospective study of efficacy and safety when switching from dimethylfumarate or fingolimod to ofatumumab (Sponsor Novartis)
  • GEMINI: Double blind, randomized study comparing BTKi-inhibitor with teriflunomide in RRMS (Sponsor Sanofi)
  • HERCULES: Double blind, randomized study comparing BTKi-inhibitor with placebo in SPMS (Sponsor Sanofi)