The MRI Core Facility for Preclinical Cancer Research

The MRI Core Facility for Preclinical Cancer Research is located at the Institute of Cancer Research in the new research building (the K-building) at the Radium Hospital. The Core Facility provide academic and industrial partners with services related to acquisition, post-processing, interpretation and analyses of MR images within the field of oncology.
The MRI Core Facility for Cancer Research holds a state-of-the art Bruker BioSpec 7T animal MR scanner. The scanner is dedicated to the investigation of mice and rats. The unit includes gas-anestesia, animal monitoring equipment and a wide range of MR coils, including the Bruker MRI Cryoprobe which increases the signal-noise ratio by up to 2.5 times compared to standard room-temperature RF-coils.
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The Core Facility was established in autumn 2012 with funding from The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health.

All new projects must be approved by FOTS and will be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). 
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