Technology and applications

Technology and applications

Biobank/preclinical models/clinical databases

  • Custom made protocols for frozen and FFPE research biobank, "from patient to lab"
  • Standardized procedures for storage and use of cell line models
  • Standardized procedures for patient derived tumor oganoid lineages
  • Detailed molecular and clinical databases
  • Sensitive patient data stored at secured platforms

Genomics & Epigenomics

  • High-throughput sequencing:
    • Exome, RNA, reduced-representation bisulphate sequencing (RRBS), whole genome
    • Ultra-deep targeted sequencing (Illumina MiniSeq)
  •  Microarrays:
    • Exon-resolution gene expression (Affymetrix HTA 2.0)
    • DNA copy number (Affymetrix Cytoscan)
  • Digital PCR (BioRad)

Molecular pathology

  • Tissue microarray construction, sectioning and autostaining
  • High-throughput automated quantitative pathology imaging (Polaris and Vectra3, Akoya)
    • Multiplexed immunohistochemistry
    • Multispectral imaging (bright field and fluorescence)

Functional studies

  • CRISPR/Cas9
  • High-throughput drug screening 
    • Patient-derived ex vivo cell cultures, organoids, cell lines
  • Microscopy
    • Confocal fluorescence microscopy
    • Super-resolution and electron microscopy (in collaboration with the core facility)
  • Gene expression manipulation, gene reporter and protein assays


  • High-performance computing and data storage
    • Saga and Colossus (sensitive data) supercomputer clusters (provided by Sigma2 and The University of Oslo)
  • Genomic data processing and quality control
  • Mutation analysis, DNA methylation, gene expression, alternative splicing, fusion genes
  • Multi-level data integration:
    • Molecular subtyping
    • Clonality modeling and tumor heterogeneity
    • Effects of genomic/epigenomic changes on gene expression (including neoantigen prediction)
    • Pharmacogenomics (drug sensitivity, genomics and proteomics)
  • Digital image analysis
  • Biostatistics