Welcome to the Department of Microbiology

Head of department: Fredrik Müller
Head of research section: Hilde Loge Nilsen

Research groups:

Genome Stability in Yeast Cellular Responses to DNA Damage Experimental Cancer Therapy
Ingrun Alseth
Magnar Bjørås
Stig Ove Bøe
Genome and Epigenome Regulation in Embryo Development, Ageing and Disease Clinical Virology Research Group  Laboratory for Dynamic Gene Regulation
John Arne Dahl
Susanne G. Dudman
Arne Klungland
Virology Research Group   DNA Replication and Chromosome Dynamics 
Mari Kaarbø 
Hilde L. Nilsen
Kirsten Skarstad
  Genome Dynamics  
Tone Tønjum

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