Melanoma research group

Cutaneous melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer and is among the cancers that are increasing most in Norway. For the age group 25 – 49 years, melanoma in the skin is the second most common form of cancer. In 2021, 2658 new cases of cutaneous melanoma were registered in Norway (Cancer registry of Norway). The incidence is highest and has increased most in the age group 70 years and older.

The prognosis has improved significantly with newer treatment, but there are still approximately 300 people dying from melanoma every year in Norway.

The incidence of melanoma in the eye and mucous melanoma is fairly stable with respectively 82 and 28 new cases in 2021. The prognosis is poor in metastatic disease. In addition, 106 patients had an unknown primary tumor.

There are ongoing national and international melanoma studies in which Oslo University Hospital participates. A multidisciplinary group for melanoma research has been established. The group consists of tumor biologists, pathologists, surgeons, oncologists, specialists in radiotherapy planning, dermatologists, physicists, engineers, ophtalmologists, study nurses, coordinators and representatives from the Cancer registry of Norway.

The group has contributed to a significant number of articles in national and international journals.

Group leader: Kari Dolven Jacobsen