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Publications 2021

  1. Busek M, Nøvik S, Aizenshtadt A, Amirola-Martinez M, Combriat T, Grünzner S, Krauss S (2021)
    Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)-Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) (PMMA) Hybrid Devices for Active Pumping PDMS-Free Organ-on-a-Chip Systems
    Biosensors (Basel), 11 (5)
    DOI 10.3390/bios11050162, PubMed 34069506
  2. Mygland L, Brinch SA, Strand MF, Olsen PA, Aizenshtadt A, Lund K, Solberg NT, Lycke M, Thorvaldsen TE, Espada S, Misaghian D, Page CM, Agafonov O, Nygård S, Chi NW, Lin E, Tan J, Yu Y, Costa M, Krauss S, Waaler J (2021)
    Identification of response signatures for tankyrase inhibitor treatment in tumor cell lines
    iScience, 24 (7), 102807
    DOI 10.1016/j.isci.2021.102807, PubMed 34337362
  3. Skottvoll FS, Hansen FA, Harrison S, Boger IS, Mrsa A, Restan MS, Stein M, Lundanes E, Pedersen-Bjergaard S, Aizenshtadt A, Krauss S, Sullivan G, Bogen IL, Wilson SR (2021)
    Electromembrane Extraction and Mass Spectrometry for Liver Organoid Drug Metabolism Studies
    Anal Chem, 93 (7), 3576-3585
    DOI 10.1021/acs.analchem.0c05082, PubMed 33534551

Publications 2020

  1. Abadpour S, Aizenshtadt A, Olsen PA, Shoji K, Wilson SR, Krauss S, Scholz H (2020)
    Pancreas-on-a-Chip Technology for Transplantation Applications
    Curr Diab Rep, 20 (12), 72
    DOI 10.1007/s11892-020-01357-1, PubMed 33206261
  2. Kierulf-Vieira KS, Sandberg CJ, Waaler J, Lund K, Skaga E, Saberniak BM, Panagopoulos I, Brandal P, Krauss S, Langmoen IA, Vik-Mo EO (2020)
    A Small-Molecule Tankyrase Inhibitor Reduces Glioma Stem Cell Proliferation and Sphere Formation
    Cancers (Basel), 12 (6)
    DOI 10.3390/cancers12061630, PubMed 32575464
  3. Lien VT, Kristiansen MK, Pettersen S, Haugen MH, Krauss S, Olberg DE, Waaler J, Klaveness J (2020)
    Towards dual inhibitors of the MET kinase and WNT signaling pathway; design, synthesis and biological evaluation (vol 9, pg 37092, 2019)
    RSC Adv., 10 (9), 4927
    DOI 10.1039/d0ra90007a
  4. Perdreau-Dahl H, Progida C, Barfeld SJ, Guldsten H, Thiede B, Arntzen M, Bakke O, Mills IG, Krauss S, Morth JP (2020)
    Sjögren syndrome/scleroderma autoantigen 1 is a direct Tankyrase binding partner in cancer cells
    Commun Biol, 3 (1), 123
    DOI 10.1038/s42003-020-0851-2, PubMed 32170109
  5. Waaler J, Leenders RGG, Sowa ST, Alam Brinch S, Lycke M, Nieczypor P, Aertssen S, Murthy S, Galera-Prat A, Damen E, Wegert A, Nazaré M, Lehtiö L, Krauss S (2020)
    Preclinical Lead Optimization of a 1,2,4-Triazole Based Tankyrase Inhibitor
    J Med Chem, 63 (13), 6834-6846
    DOI 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.0c00208, PubMed 32511917
  6. Waaler J, Mygland L, Tveita A, Strand MF, Solberg NT, Olsen PA, Aizenshtadt A, Fauskanger M, Lund K, Brinch SA, Lycke M, Dybing E, Nygaard V, Bøe SL, Heintz KM, Hovig E, Hammarström C, Corthay A, Krauss S (2020)
    Tankyrase inhibition sensitizes melanoma to PD-1 immune checkpoint blockade in syngeneic mouse models
    Commun Biol, 3 (1), 196
    DOI 10.1038/s42003-020-0916-2, PubMed 32332858
  7. Wang H, Kuusela S, Rinnankoski-Tuikka R, Dumont V, Bouslama R, Ramadan UA, Waaler J, Linden AM, Chi NW, Krauss S, Pirinen E, Lehtonen S (2020)
    Tankyrase inhibition ameliorates lipid disorder via suppression of PGC-1α PARylation in db/db mice
    Int J Obes (Lond), 44 (8), 1691-1702
    DOI 10.1038/s41366-020-0573-z, PubMed 32317752

Publications 2019

  1. Brennecke P, Rasina D, Aubi O, Herzog K, Landskron J, Cautain B, Vicente F, Quintana J, Mestres J, Stechmann B, Ellinger B, Brea J, Kolanowski JL, Pilarski R, Orzaez M, Pineda-Lucena A, Laraia L, Nami F, Zielenkiewicz P, Paruch K, Hansen E, von Kries JP, Neuenschwander M, Specker E, Bartunek P et al. (2019)
    EU-OPENSCREEN: A Novel Collaborative Approach to Facilitate Chemical Biology
    SLAS Discov, 24 (3), 398-413
    DOI 10.1177/2472555218816276, PubMed 30616481
  2. Lin A, Sved Skottvoll F, Rayner S, Pedersen-Bjergaard S, Sullivan G, Krauss S, Ray Wilson S, Harrison S (2019)
    3D cell culture models and organ-on-a-chip: Meet separation science and mass spectrometry
    Electrophoresis, 41 (1-2), 56-64
    DOI 10.1002/elps.201900170, PubMed 31544246
  3. Solberg NT, Melheim M, Strand MF, Olsen PA, Krauss S (2019)
    MEK Inhibition Induces Canonical WNT Signaling through YAP in KRAS Mutated HCT-15 Cells, and a Cancer Preventive FOXO3/FOXM1 Ratio in Combination with TNKS Inhibition
    Cancers (Basel), 11 (2)
    DOI 10.3390/cancers11020164, PubMed 30717152

Publications 2018

  1. Norum JH, Skarpen E, Brech A, Kuiper R, Waaler J, Krauss S, Sørlie T (2018)
    The tankyrase inhibitor G007-LK inhibits small intestine LGR5+ stem cell proliferation without altering tissue morphology
    Biol Res, 51 (1), 3
    DOI 10.1186/s40659-017-0151-6, PubMed 29316982
  2. Skottvoll FS, Berg HE, Bjørseth K, Lund K, Roos N, Bekhradnia S, Thiede B, Sandberg C, Vik-Mo EO, Roberg-Larsen H, Nyström B, Lundanes E, Wilson SR (2018)
    Ultracentrifugation versus kit exosome isolation: nanoLC-MS and other tools reveal similar performance biomarkers, but also contaminations
    Future Sci OA, 5 (1), FSO359
    DOI 10.4155/fsoa-2018-0088, PubMed 30652024

Publications 2017

  1. Anumala UR, Waaler J, Nkizinkiko Y, Ignatev A, Lazarow K, Lindemann P, Olsen PA, Murthy S, Obaji E, Majouga AG, Leonov S, von Kries JP, Lehtiö L, Krauss S, Nazaré M (2017)
    Discovery of a Novel Series of Tankyrase Inhibitors by a Hybridization Approach
    J Med Chem, 60 (24), 10013-10025
    DOI 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.7b00883, PubMed 29155568
  2. Lund K, Olsen CE, Wong JJW, Olsen PA, Solberg NT, Høgset A, Krauss S, Selbo PK (2017)
    5-FU resistant EMT-like pancreatic cancer cells are hypersensitive to photochemical internalization of the novel endoglin-targeting immunotoxin CD105-saporin
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res, 36 (1), 187
    DOI 10.1186/s13046-017-0662-6, PubMed 29258566
  3. Vehus T, Waaler J, Krauss S, Lundanes E, Wilson SR (2017)
    Combining HIC, SEC, and IEX with Fluorescence Polarization for Drug Target Discovery
    LC GC Eur., 30 (5), 232-239

Publications 2016

  1. Roberg-Larsen H, Lund K, Seterdal KE, Solheim S, Vehus T, Solberg N, Krauss S, Lundanes E, Wilson SR (2016)
    Mass spectrometric detection of 27-hydroxycholesterol in breast cancer exosomes
    J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol, 169, 22-28
    DOI 10.1016/j.jsbmb.2016.02.006, PubMed 26877254
  2. Vehus T, Roberg-Larsen H, Waaler J, Aslaksen S, Krauss S, Wilson SR, Lundanes E (2016)
    Versatile, sensitive liquid chromatography mass spectrometry - Implementation of 10 μm OT columns suitable for small molecules, peptides and proteins
    Sci Rep, 6, 37507
    DOI 10.1038/srep37507, PubMed 27897190
  3. Vehus T, Seterdal KE, Krauss S, Lundanes E, Wilson SR (2016)
    Comparison of commercial nanoliquid chromatography columns for fast, targeted mass spectrometry-based proteomics
    Future Sci OA, 2 (2), FSO119
    DOI 10.4155/fsoa-2016-0014, PubMed 28031966

Publications 2015

  1. Haikarainen T, Waaler J, Ignatev A, Nkizinkiko Y, Venkannagari H, Obaji E, Krauss S, Lehtiö L (2015)
    Development and structural analysis of adenosine site binding tankyrase inhibitors
    Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 26 (2), 328-333
    DOI 10.1016/j.bmcl.2015.12.018, PubMed 26706174
  2. Machon O, Masek J, Machonova O, Krauss S, Kozmik Z (2015)
    Meis2 is essential for cranial and cardiac neural crest development
    BMC Dev Biol, 15, 40
    DOI 10.1186/s12861-015-0093-6, PubMed 26545946
  3. Thorvaldsen TE, Pedersen NM, Wenzel EM, Schultz SW, Brech A, Liestøl K, Waaler J, Krauss S, Stenmark H (2015)
    Structure, Dynamics, and Functionality of Tankyrase Inhibitor-Induced Degradasomes
    Mol Cancer Res, 13 (11), 1487-501
    DOI 10.1158/1541-7786.MCR-15-0125, PubMed 26124443
  4. Zhong L, Ding Y, Bandyopadhyay G, Waaler J, Börgeson E, Smith S, Zhang M, Phillips SA, Mahooti S, Mahata SK, Shao J, Krauss S, Chi NW (2015)
    The PARsylation activity of tankyrase in adipose tissue modulates systemic glucose metabolism in mice
    Diabetologia, 59 (3), 582-91
    DOI 10.1007/s00125-015-3815-1, PubMed 26631215

Publications 2014

  1. Haikarainen T, Krauss S, Lehtio L (2014)
    Tankyrases: structure, function and therapeutic implications in cancer
    Curr Pharm Des, 20 (41), 6472-88
    DOI 10.2174/1381612820666140630101525, PubMed 24975604
  2. Hustoft HK, Vehus T, Brandtzaeg OK, Krauss S, Greibrokk T, Wilson SR, Lundanes E (2014)
    Open tubular lab-on-column/mass spectrometry for targeted proteomics of nanogram sample amounts
    PLoS One, 9 (9), e106881
    DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0106881, PubMed 25222838
  3. Lund K, Bostad M, Skarpen E, Braunagel M, Kiprijanov S, Krauss S, Duncan A, Høgset A, Selbo PK (2014)
    The novel EpCAM-targeting monoclonal antibody 3-17I linked to saporin is highly cytotoxic after photochemical internalization in breast, pancreas and colon cancer cell lines
    MAbs, 6 (4), 1038-50
    DOI 10.4161/mabs.28207, PubMed 24525727
  4. Olsen PA, Solberg NT, Lund K, Vehus T, Gelazauskaite M, Wilson SR, Krauss S (2014)
    Implications of targeted genomic disruption of β-catenin in BxPC-3 pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells
    PLoS One, 9 (12), e115496
    DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0115496, PubMed 25536063
  5. Roberg-Larsen H, Lund K, Vehus T, Solberg N, Vesterdal C, Misaghian D, Olsen PA, Krauss S, Wilson SR, Lundanes E (2014)
    Highly automated nano-LC/MS-based approach for thousand cell-scale quantification of side chain-hydroxylated oxysterols
    J Lipid Res, 55 (7), 1531-6
    DOI 10.1194/jlr.D048801, PubMed 24792927
  6. Roberg-Larsen H, Strand MF, Krauss S, Wilson SR (2014)
    Metabolites in vertebrate Hedgehog signaling
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 446 (3), 669-74
    DOI 10.1016/j.bbrc.2014.01.087, PubMed 24486313

Publications 2013

  1. Lau T, Chan E, Callow M, Waaler J, Boggs J, Blake RA, Magnuson S, Sambrone A, Schutten M, Firestein R, Machon O, Korinek V, Choo E, Diaz D, Merchant M, Polakis P, Holsworth DD, Krauss S, Costa M (2013)
    A novel tankyrase small-molecule inhibitor suppresses APC mutation-driven colorectal tumor growth
    Cancer Res, 73 (10), 3132-44
    DOI 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-12-4562, PubMed 23539443
  2. Lehtiö L, Chi NW, Krauss S (2013)
    Tankyrases as drug targets
    FEBS J, 280 (15), 3576-93
    DOI 10.1111/febs.12320, PubMed 23648170
  3. Solberg N, Krauss S (2013)
    Luciferase assay to study the activity of a cloned promoter DNA fragment
    Methods Mol Biol, 977, 65-78
    DOI 10.1007/978-1-62703-284-1_6, PubMed 23436354
  4. Stratford EW, Daffinrud J, Munthe E, Castro R, Waaler J, Krauss S, Myklebost O (2013)
    The tankyrase-specific inhibitor JW74 affects cell cycle progression and induces apoptosis and differentiation in osteosarcoma cell lines
    Cancer Med, 3 (1), 36-46
    DOI 10.1002/cam4.170, PubMed 24403055
  5. Voronkov A, Holsworth DD, Waaler J, Wilson SR, Ekblad B, Perdreau-Dahl H, Dinh H, Drewes G, Hopf C, Morth JP, Krauss S (2013)
    Structural basis and SAR for G007-LK, a lead stage 1,2,4-triazole based specific tankyrase 1/2 inhibitor
    J Med Chem, 56 (7), 3012-23
    DOI 10.1021/jm4000566, PubMed 23473363
  6. Voronkov A, Krauss S (2013)
    Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and small molecule inhibitors
    Curr Pharm Des, 19 (4), 634-64
    DOI 10.2174/138161213804581837, PubMed 23016862

Publications 2012

  1. Holsworth DD, Krauss S (2012)
    Recent Advances in Wnt/beta-Catenin Pathway Small-Molecule Inhibitors
    Annu. Rep. Med. Chem., 47, 393-409
    DOI 10.1016/B978-0-12-396492-2.00026-6
  2. Roberg-Larsen H, Strand MF, Grimsmo A, Olsen PA, Dembinski JL, Rise F, Lundanes E, Greibrokk T, Krauss S, Wilson SR (2012)
    High sensitivity measurements of active oxysterols with automated filtration/filter backflush-solid phase extraction-liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
    J Chromatogr A, 1255, 291-7
    DOI 10.1016/j.chroma.2012.02.002, PubMed 22410154
  3. Solberg N, Machon O, Machonova O, Krauss S (2012)
    Mouse Tcf3 represses canonical Wnt signaling by either competing for β-catenin binding or through occupation of DNA-binding sites
    Mol Cell Biochem, 365 (1-2), 53-63
    DOI 10.1007/s11010-012-1243-9, PubMed 22270545
  4. Waaler J, Machon O, Tumova L, Dinh H, Korinek V, Wilson SR, Paulsen JE, Pedersen NM, Eide TJ, Machonova O, Gradl D, Voronkov A, von Kries JP, Krauss S (2012)
    A novel tankyrase inhibitor decreases canonical Wnt signaling in colon carcinoma cells and reduces tumor growth in conditional APC mutant mice
    Cancer Res, 72 (11), 2822-32
    DOI 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-11-3336, PubMed 22440753

Publications 2011

  1. Jing Y, Machon O, Hampl A, Dvorak P, Xing Y, Krauss S (2011)
    In vitro differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into neurons of the dorsal forebrain
    Cell Mol Neurobiol, 31 (5), 715-27
    DOI 10.1007/s10571-011-9669-2, PubMed 21424551
  2. Solberg N, Machon O, Krauss S (2011)
    Characterization and functional analysis of the 5'-flanking promoter region of the mouse Tcf3 gene
    Mol Cell Biochem, 360 (1-2), 289-99
    DOI 10.1007/s11010-011-1068-y, PubMed 21935611
  3. Waaler J, Machon O, von Kries JP, Wilson SR, Lundenes E, Wedlich D, Gradl D, Paulsen JE, Machonova O, Dembinski JL, Dinh H, Krauss S (2011)
    Novel synthetic antagonists of canonical Wnt signaling inhibit colorectal cancer cell growth
    Cancer Res, 71 (1), 197-205
    DOI 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-10-1282, PubMed 21199802

Publications 2010

  1. Dembinski JL, Krauss S (2010)
    A Distinct Slow-Cycling Cancer Stem-like Subpopulation of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cells is maintained in Vivo
    Cancers, 2 (4), 2011-2025
    DOI 10.3390/cancers2042011, PublikaID 116
  2. Dembinski JL, Krauss S (2010)
    A Distinct Slow-Cycling Cancer Stem-like Subpopulation of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cells is maintained in Vivo
    Cancers (Basel), 2 (4), 2011-25
    DOI 10.3390/cancers2042011, PubMed 24281215
  3. Olsen PA, Gelazauskaite M, Randøl M, Krauss S (2010)
    Analysis of illegitimate genomic integration mediated by zinc-finger nucleases: implications for specificity of targeted gene correction
    BMC Mol Biol, 11, 35
    DOI 10.1186/1471-2199-11-35, PubMed 20459736
  4. Wilson SR, Strand MF, Krapp A, Rise F, Herstad G, Malterud KE, Krauss S (2010)
    Hedgehog antagonists cyclopamine and dihydroveratramine can be mistaken for each other in Veratrum album
    J Pharm Biomed Anal, 53 (3), 497-502
    DOI 10.1016/j.jpba.2010.05.024, PubMed 20646889
  5. Wilson SR, Strand MF, Krapp A, Rise F, Petersen D, Krauss S (2010)
    Hedgehog antagonist cyclopamine isomerizes to less potent forms when acidified
    J Pharm Biomed Anal, 52 (5), 707-13
    DOI 10.1016/j.jpba.2010.02.017, PubMed 20236786

Publications 2009

  1. Dembinski JL, Krauss S (2009)
    Characterization and functional analysis of a slow cycling stem cell-like subpopulation in pancreas adenocarcinoma
    Clin Exp Metastasis, 26 (7), 611-23
    DOI 10.1007/s10585-009-9260-0, PubMed 19421880
  2. Kunke D, Bryja V, Mygland L, Arenas E, Krauss S (2009)
    Inhibition of canonical Wnt signaling promotes gliogenesis in P0-NSCs
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 386 (4), 628-33
    DOI 10.1016/j.bbrc.2009.06.084, PubMed 19545542

Publications 2008

  1. Olsen PA, Solhaug A, Booth JA, Gelazauskaite M, Krauss S (2008)
    Cellular responses to targeted genomic sequence modification using single-stranded oligonucleotides and zinc-finger nucleases
    DNA Repair (Amst), 8 (3), 298-308
    DOI 10.1016/j.dnarep.2008.11.011, PubMed 19071233
  2. Solberg N, Machon O, Krauss S (2008)
    Effect of canonical Wnt inhibition in the neurogenic cortex, hippocampus, and premigratory dentate gyrus progenitor pool
    Dev Dyn, 237 (7), 1799-811
    DOI 10.1002/dvdy.21586, PubMed 18521945

Publications 2007

  1. Hildrestrand GA, Diep DB, Kunke D, Bolstad N, Bjørås M, Krauss S, Luna L (2007)
    The capacity to remove 8-oxoG is enhanced in newborn neural stem/progenitor cells and decreases in juvenile mice and upon cell differentiation
    DNA Repair (Amst), 6 (6), 723-32
    DOI 10.1016/j.dnarep.2006.12.008, PubMed 17236821
  2. Kreslova J, Machon O, Ruzickova J, Lachova J, Wawrousek EF, Kemler R, Krauss S, Piatigorsky J, Kozmik Z (2007)
    Abnormal lens morphogenesis and ectopic lens formation in the absence of beta-catenin function
    Genesis, 45 (4), 157-68
    DOI 10.1002/dvg.20277, PubMed 17410548
  3. Machon O, Backman M, Machonova O, Kozmik Z, Vacik T, Andersen L, Krauss S (2007)
    A dynamic gradient of Wnt signaling controls initiation of neurogenesis in the mammalian cortex and cellular specification in the hippocampus
    Dev Biol, 311 (1), 223-37
    DOI 10.1016/j.ydbio.2007.08.038, PubMed 17916349
  4. Persson AS, Westman E, Wang FH, Khan FH, Spenger C, Lavebratt C (2007)
    Kv1.1 null mice have enlarged hippocampus and ventral cortex
    BMC Neurosci, 8, 10
    DOI 10.1186/1471-2202-8-10, PubMed 17250763

Publications 2006

  1. Fujimura N, Vacik T, Machon O, Vlcek C, Scalabrin S, Speth M, Diep D, Krauss S, Kozmik Z (2006)
    Wnt-mediated down-regulation of Sp1 target genes by a transcriptional repressor Sp5
    J Biol Chem, 282 (2), 1225-37
    DOI 10.1074/jbc.M605851200, PubMed 17090534
  2. Kadowaki M, Nakamura S, Machon O, Krauss S, Radice GL, Takeichi M (2006)
    N-cadherin mediates cortical organization in the mouse brain
    Dev Biol, 304 (1), 22-33
    DOI 10.1016/j.ydbio.2006.12.014, PubMed 17222817

Publications 2005

  1. Backman M, Machon O, Mygland L, van den Bout CJ, Zhong W, Taketo MM, Krauss S (2005)
    Effects of canonical Wnt signaling on dorso-ventral specification of the mouse telencephalon
    Dev Biol, 279 (1), 155-68
    DOI 10.1016/j.ydbio.2004.12.010, PubMed 15708565
  2. Lorico A, Bratbak D, Meyer J, Kunke D, Krauss S, Plott WE, Solodushko V, Baum C, Fodstad O, Rappa G (2005)
    Gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase and L-buthionine-(S,R)-sulfoximine: a new selection strategy for gene-transduced neural and hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells
    Hum Gene Ther, 16 (6), 711-24
    DOI 10.1089/hum.2005.16.711, PubMed 15960602
  3. Machon O, Backman M, Krauss S, Kozmik Z (2005)
    The cellular fate of cortical progenitors is not maintained in neurosphere cultures
    Mol Cell Neurosci, 30 (3), 388-97
    DOI 10.1016/j.mcn.2005.08.003, PubMed 16150605
  4. Olsen PA, Randol M, Krauss S (2005)
    Implications of cell cycle progression on functional sequence correction by short single-stranded DNA oligonucleotides
    Gene Ther, 12 (6), 546-51
    DOI 10.1038/, PubMed 15674399
  5. Olsen PA, Randøl M, Luna L, Brown T, Krauss S (2005)
    Genomic sequence correction by single-stranded DNA oligonucleotides: role of DNA synthesis and chemical modifications of the oligonucleotide ends
    J Gene Med, 7 (12), 1534-44
    DOI 10.1002/jgm.804, PubMed 16025558

Publications 2004

  1. Diep DB, Hoen N, Backman M, Machon O, Krauss S (2004)
    Characterisation of the Wnt antagonists and their response to conditionally activated Wnt signalling in the developing mouse forebrain
    Brain Res Dev Brain Res, 153 (2), 261-70
    DOI 10.1016/j.devbrainres.2004.09.008, PubMed 15527894
  2. Ivanov AA, Voronkov AE, Baskin II, Palyulin VA, Zefirov NS (2004)
    The study of the mechanism of binding of human ML1A melatonin receptor ligands using molecular modeling
    Dokl Biochem Biophys, 394, 49-52
    DOI 10.1023/b:dobi.0000017154.54595.0e, PubMed 15116569
  3. Petersen PH, Zou K, Krauss S, Zhong W (2004)
    Continuing role for mouse Numb and Numbl in maintaining progenitor cells during cortical neurogenesis
    Nat Neurosci, 7 (8), 803-11
    DOI 10.1038/nn1289, PubMed 15273690
  4. Rappa G, Kunke D, Holter J, Diep DB, Meyer J, Baum C, Fodstad O, Krauss S, Lorico A (2004)
    Efficient expansion and gene transduction of mouse neural stem/progenitor cells on recombinant fibronectin
    Neuroscience, 124 (4), 823-30
    DOI 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2003.11.030, PubMed 15026123

Publications 2003

  1. Backman M, Machon O, Van Den Bout CJ, Krauss S (2003)
    Targeted disruption of mouse Dach1 results in postnatal lethality
    Dev Dyn, 226 (1), 139-44
    DOI 10.1002/dvdy.10210, PubMed 12508235
  2. Machon O, van den Bout CJ, Backman M, Kemler R, Krauss S (2003)
    Role of beta-catenin in the developing cortical and hippocampal neuroepithelium
    Neuroscience, 122 (1), 129-43
    DOI 10.1016/s0306-4522(03)00519-0, PubMed 14596855
  3. Olsen PA, McKeen C, Krauss S (2003)
    Branched oligonucleotides induce in vivo gene conversion of a mutated EGFP reporter
    Gene Ther, 10 (21), 1830-40
    DOI 10.1038/, PubMed 12960973
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