Ragnar Mørk 2004

"Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize" 2005: from the ceremony 26th of November

This year's prize from "Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy" was awarded to Mouldy Sioud from Department of immunology, the Norwegian Radium Hospital. The award is personal, and amounts to NOK 200.000. The ceremony took place at the Institute for Cancer Research on Friday 26th of November.

The "Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy" prize is distributed annually to a scientist who has achieved excellent results throughout years of outstanding research. This is the fourth time this mark of honor is distributed. The purpose of the prize is to promote and encourage cancer research at the Norwegian Radium Hospital.

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Mouldy Sioud and Erlend B. Smeland

Mouldy Sioud and Tove Hafnor