Institute seminars - Wednesdays 12-13 Spring season 2012





Christos Samakovlis

 "The molecular basis of airway maturation in Drosophila"
Wenner-Gren Institute, University of Stockholm
Speaker invited by Tor Erik Rusten, Dept. of Biochemistry


Pierre Åman

"The FET family of fusion oncogenes - functions, tumors and questions"
Cancercentrum, Sahlgrenska Hospital, Göteborg, Sweden
Speaker invited by Ola Myklebost, Dept. of Tumor Biology


 Yvonne Andersson

 "Immunotoxins in targeted cancer therapy: from bench to bedside"
Dept. of Tumor Biology


 Pål Selbo

 "Targeting of cancer stem cells by PCI"
Dept. of Radiation Biology



 Sverre Heim

 "Cytogenetic Analysis of Tumor Clonality"
Head of the Section for Cancer Cytogenetics
Institute for Medical Informatics, OUS-Radiumhospitalet


 Sébastien Walchli


 "A novel method of producing soluble TcRs"
Project winner of the Inven2 price
Dept. of Immunology


Jonny Østensen

"What characterizes innovative ideas?"


 Solveig Fossum-Raunehaug

 "Spatial organization of newly replicated DNA in Escherichia coli"
Dept. of Cell Biology


Magnar Bjørås

"DNA repair deficiency in neurodegeneration"
Institute of Medical Microbiology, OUS-Rikshospitalet


Tor Erik Rusten

"Unraveling tumor suppressor and oncogene functions using Drosophila and human organoid models"
Dept. of Biochemistry


Giske Ursin

Director of the Cancer Registry of Norway


Gunnar Kvalheim

"Dendritic Cells as Cancer Vaccines"
Head of Dept of Cellular Therapy, OUS-Radiumhospitalet

11.06 *
NB- 11 am, monday

Erich Nigg

Director of Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
Head of research group "The cell cycle and chromosome stability"
Norsk Hydros Fond guest lecture

  Øystein Fodstad "Information from the Institute Council"
Scientific director, ICR

The seminars take place on Wednesdays in the Auditorium of the Institute for Cancer Research at 12:00-13:00.

Organizers of Institute seminars:
Alicia Llorente (Dept of Biochemistry, & Sebastian Patzke (, Dept of Radiation Biology)

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