Welcome to Department of Cancer Immunology

Department head: Professor Johanna Olweus
Deputy department head: Professor Karl-Johan Malmberg
Biomedical laboratory scientist/management: Kristina Ivanauskiene
Administrative consultant: Peter Wiedswang

“Our goal is to improve cancer diagnostics and therapy through cutting edge research on tumor immunology and lymphocyte biology”

The Department of Cancer Immunology (DCI) has five research groups. Among the PIs, four are full professors at UiO, one is visiting professor at Univ of Tunis, and one is also visiting professor at Karolinska Institute.

The research groups in the DCI are partners of the K.G. Jebsen Center for Cancer Immunotherapy (JCIT, Director: Olweus) and the KG Jebsen Centre for B Cell Malignancies. The DCI has a strong emphasis on translation and extensive involvement in clinical. The DCI counted 71 members in 2018.

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The six research groups 

The group leaders are affiliated with the departments of Molecular Biosciences and Pharmacy at the University of Oslo, where they lecture at undergraduate and graduate courses. Supervision of graduate students and doctoral candidates takes place at the Department of Cancer Immunology. Several foreign research fellows and visiting scientists are also associated with the research teams.

Experimental immunotherapy Natural killer cell Biology and cell therapy Lymphoma biology group
Johanna Olweus
Department head
Karl-Johan Malmberg
June H. Myklebust
Immunomodulation and targeted therapies Cell Signaling and Immune Regulation Immunotherapy against solid cancers
Mouldy Sioud
Kjetil Taskén
Jon Amund Kyte

Contact information:

Department of Cancer Immunology, Institute for Cancer Research
Oslo University Hospital, Montebello, 0310 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22 78 13 23 (Dept. administration), +47 22 93 40 00 (switchboard),
Fax +47 22 78 13 24
Dept. administration: Kristina Ivanauskiene, email kristina.ivanauskiene@ous-research.no