News 3rd Nordic Symposium on Super-resolution microscopy & Optogenetics NSSO2015

 Time: June 4 2015 9 am - 4 pm
Venue: Domus Medica 4, L-200, University of Oslo, Norway

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Welcome to the 3rd Nordic Symposium on Super-resolution microscopy and Optogenetics (NSSO2015).

This international symposium will focus on current concepts, challenges and methodologies in Infection Biology and Neurobiology. The symposium will address super-resolution microscopy (SRM) in single cell analysis as well as brain optogenetics in two-photon based imaging with the aim to promote improved imaging and analysis of organs and single cells. Notably, single cell analysis of bacterial cell division, transcription and gene regulation as well as SRM and two-photon based in vivo imaging of glial cell biology will be addressed. Please see the full program here.
Our ambition is to offer a unique opportunity for researchers at all levels to discuss the latest topics in the rapidly emerging fields of SRM and optogenetics. Recent developments have been possible, not the least because of an integrated approach and multidisciplinary interactions between different fields of the life sciences. The NSSO2015 speakers are leaders in their fields and, together, they offer a broad and exciting program that addresses key topics in infection biology and neurobiology.

Welcome to NSSO2015!

Healthy Brain Ageing Centre (HBAC)
University of Oslo
Helse SørØst
Oslo University Hospital

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