B-Cell Receptor signaling Group (BCRSG)

Peter SzodorayGroup leader
Peter Szodoray
Group leader

The main focus of the group is to decipher how the B cell receptor (BCR) signaling strength is controlled by T-cell dependent and T-cell independent stimuli, with a special emphasis on CD45 phosphatase activity. CD45 phosphatase is a key regulator of the BCR signaling pathway with the ability to enhance BCR signaling kinase activity. We have discovered that T-cell dependent- and independent-factors positively regulate BCR signaling via CD45 activity increase. By mapping mechanisms that regulate CD45 activity, and thus, BCR signaling strength, we identify targets that control B cell proliferation and differentiation into memory and plasma cells. We aim to pinpoint the natural ligands of CD45 and their functional modulation in order to identify novel therapeutic targets in B cell driven diseases of autoimmune and malignant origin. 

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