About the core facility

The core facility provides services to all research groups affiliated with institutions belonging to the Helse Sør-Øst region. We also serve universities and university colleges in the region. Our portfolio includes protein crystallization, 3-dimensional structure determination of proteins at atomic resolution by X-ray crystallography or in-solution BioSAXS studies of protein complexes, 3D modeling of proteins. We also advice and assist collaborators with molecular biology, including cloning, protein expression and purification. The core facility also provides services within structural bioinformatics. Due to the challenging nature of protein crystallization and 3D structure determination of biological macromolecules, most projects are carried out as a collaborative research project with co-authorship. However, for a limited user-fee, we also provide access to instruments and technologies for experienced users after prior agreement. The Structural Biology Core Facility collaborates closely with the Bioinformatics Core Facility.

Funding and management

The core facility is funded by a grant from South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, as well as potential user fees.

The facility was initiated as a platform at Rikshsopitalet-Radiumhospitalet FH by Prof. Magnar Bjørås about 10 years ago. Bjørås was the platform manager until 2011, but is still involved in consulting and financial support. From 2012, researcher Bjørn Dalhus has been managing the platform, now as a regional platform for the HSØ region.


The service is aimed at research groups at all institutions in the Helse Søt-Øst region in need for high-quality, experimental structure determination and bioinformatics analysis of proteins in order to interpret clinical data, including advanced sequence analysis, experimental structure determination and/or computational molecular modelling/ simulations. We also provide this service to research groups affiliated with universities (UiO, NMBU) and university colleges in the region. Industrial partners are also welcomed to use our services, depending on the capacity. 


Due to the labor intensive and challenging nature of the methods, resource demanding projects are normally carried out in the form of a collaborative project with co-authorship; however, we also provide access to all methods and instruments to experienced users for modest user fees. Technical assistance can also be provided for additional fees. In addition, more general consulting services within molecular biology and protein biochemistry will be provided for free as far as resources allows.

Details of methods and pricing are given under service description.


The facility is located at the Department for Medical Biochemistry (MBK) at Rikshospitalet - Oslo University Hospital - Rikshospitalet. Section B1, 3rd floor.

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