Research projects

Our aim is to identify the cellular origins of breast tumors and the mechanisms behind tumor initiation and further development into the heterogeneous molecular subtypes. Through an increased understanding of the cell types from which tumors develop, the signaling pathways perturbed, and the critical events for transition from pre-invasive to invasive stages of the disease, better stratification of patients for treatment can be advised.

Current projects:

  • Identification of low-risk DCIS by molecular profiling
  • Elucidate the processes leading to tumor invasion using patient derived xenograft (PDX) models of breast cancer
  • Define genetic and epigenetic regulatory events in breast cancer initiation and progression, using transgenic animal models and lineage tracing
  • Clarify the role of FOXA1 in resistance to endocrine therapy of breast cancer
  • Investigate transcriptomic associations through PANORAMA which enables customizable analyses
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