News and events


03.02.2022: Cand. med. Hedda von der Lippe Gythfeldt has succesfully defended her thesis: "Identifying molecular factors responsible for treatment response and resistance in a breast cancer study and a breast cancer model" for the degree of PhD at Institute for Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo. We are very proud and happy for her achievement! 
Work package overview31.01.2022: Our group has received funding from the Norwegian Cancer Society for a new project on DCIS: "Spatial heterogeneity and breast cancer lineages in Ductal Carcinoma In Situ". Read more here (in Norwegian).
15.01.2022: Therese Sørlie has been interviewed by about the association between obesity and cancer. "One in five people who die of cancer are obese. Now researchers can tell us more about why."
17.12.2021: Our project "FGFR1 in driving luminal breast tumor progression (FUTURE)" was funded by Helse Sør-Øst (Åpen Prosjektstøtte). 
04.12.2021: Tonje Lien has published her paper "Sample Preparation Approach Influences PAM50 Risk of Recurrence Score in Early Breast Cancer" in Cancers. Our group has contributed to a guideline paper on spatial transcriptomics, published in Cancers: "Best Practices for Spatial Profiling for Breast Cancer Research with the GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler" 
28.10.2020: We are proud to announce that our group member Cand. Med. Christian Fougner has successfully defended his thesis "On the genetic determinants of cancer phenotypes" for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) at Institute for Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo. 
16.10.2020: The Norwegian Cancer Society highlights our DCIS project “Målrettet kreftbehandling kan også være ingen behandling” 
27.08.2020: Our project “Unraveling the ambiguous role of HER2 in DCIS and breast cancer progression” has received funding from the Pink Ribbon Campaign: Tidenes største forskningsstøtte fra Rosa sløyfe-aksjonen