Research projects

  • TeraEpi: Teratogenicity of anti-seizure medication: the roles of epigenetics and folic acid Supplements.
  • Epilepsy in Children: The Impact of the Gut Microbiota and Epigenetics in Successful Dietary Treatment.
  • FORCE: Focal Refractory Childhood Epilepsy - A study of surgical treatment in Norway - aetiology and prognostic factors.
  • Pharmacokinetic interactions between ketogenic diet and anti-epileptic drugs in children. Dietary treatment of adult patients with epilepsy.
  • BIOJUME: Biology of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. Genetics and epigenetics of juvenile myoclonic Epilepsy.
  • Clinical and molecular characterization of hereditary ataxia and hereditary spastic paraplegia.
  • Translational pharmaco-omics: A system biology approach to identify underlying mechanisms of variation treatment response in neurological disease.
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