Ongoing projects: 

Translational (basic research, potential long-term patient benefit):

  • BRIDGE: Bridging pregnancy and fetal microchimerism with long-term female maternal cardiovascular and neurovascular health.
  • HAPPY: Health after pregnancy complications.
  • EARLY: Early investigation of cardiovascular risk after pregnancy complications.
  • PREPPeD: PREdelivery Placental Biomarkers – Pregnancy and Delivery Outcome.
  • FETCH-pregnancy: FETal microchimerism and Cardiovascular Health.
  • PreventADALL-studien: A collaboration with Division of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine.
  • Match:  Microchimerism and maternal cardiovascular health.
  • HYPER-DIP: Maternal hemodynamics in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy - a human and animal model under antihypertensive therapy.
  • Novel insights into protective aspects of childbearing in the development of early biomarkers for postmenopausal breast, endometrial and ovarian cancers using systems epidemiology approach.

Clinical and Epidemiologic Research Projects (potential short-term patient benefit):

  • HOME-study: Home monitoring of at-risk pregnancies.
  • Mum-CARE: Development and testing of a smartphone health-app for women who have recently undergone one or more pregnancy complications associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • COSAR (Core Outcome Set for Adenomyosis Research): International consensus study to improve and harmonize research on adenomyosis.
  • AdenoCAL/AdenoQOL-studiene: Validation of adenomyosis calculator and quality of life after hysterectomy.
  • MAP-POP-studien: Manchester Operation as a surgical vaginal procedure, significance of levator avulsions for descent of the uterus symptoms and surgical results. 
  • OrgDiet studien: Organic diet in pregnancy, RCT, collaboration with the Institute of Nutrition UiO.
  • OSLO-studien: Oslo Stan vs Lactate, an observational Study.
  • ENDO-studien: Diagnostics (US/MRI) of deep infiltrating endometriosis, evaluation of diagnostic tools and quality of life.
  • GETPRO studien: Guided Expertise Training PRogram in Obstetrics, Skills training. National pilot project with registration of induction in all major departments in Norway. 
  • The SEnSor study (ved DNR): Implementation of Sentinel lymph node biopsy for women with intermediate- and high-risk Endometrial cancer in South-Eastern Norway – Implications for diagnostic accuracy, oncologic outcomes, quality of life, and health care system cost.
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