Funding and collaborators


  • The Norwegian Research Council
  • South-Eastern Norway Regional Heath Authority 
  • Foundation Dam (Stiftelsen Dam)
  • Norwegian Fund for Post-Graduate Training in Physiotherapy (Fysiofondet)
  • European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development
  • University of Oslo
  • Oslo University Hospital

Most important collaborations


  • Oslo Traumatic Brain Injury Outcome and Rehabilitation Research Network (OBIOR- research network)
  • Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital and other hospitals in the South-East Region
  • OsloMet including Work Research Institute (AFI)
  • Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration, Oslo
  • Universities of Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø
  • Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo


  • Karolinska, Uppsala, Umeå and Salgrenska University Hospitals, Sweden
  • Copenhagen University Hospital and Hammel Rehabilitation and Research Centre, Denmark
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, US
  • BioCruces Health Research Institute, Spain
  • University of California, San Diego, CA, USA
  • University of Gottingen, Germany
  • Hannover Medical School, Germany
  • CENTER-TBI collaborators across the European hospitals/universities (particularly Finland, UK, France, Slovakia and Germany


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