Procedures for externally funded projects at UiO-MED, OUS and Ahus

Here you will find procedures applicable to externally funded projects at UiO-MED, OUS and Ahus.  

Project phases

Each phase in the life cycle of an externally funded project must follow the procedures of the host institution(s). Below is a stepwise guide to each phase. The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for the progression of the project life cycle.

Support service

If you can’t find the relevant support service in the above guide, please contact the external funding support teams:

Institution procedures

In addition to the local procedures found on these web pages, there is general information on the institution routines:
UiO: Research projects at UiO
OUS: External funding guidelines, OUS
Ahus: Research support at Ahus (Norwegian)

What is an externally funded project?

Externally funded projects include all projects that are fully or partly funded by an external body, e.g. the EU or the Research Council of Norway. A project funded by the institution's basic funding is not an externally funded project.

In contract research (Norwegian) (OUS) and commissioned projects (UiO), the institution undertakes research on behalf of a commissioning party.  Special legal regulations apply.

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