Our goal is to become the go-to partner for researchers interested in studying all facets of prehospital emergency care. Every new project and collaboration must lead to tangible enhancements for our division, being it in terms of patient treatment and outcomes, employee competence and capacity, or our ability to document and analyse to enhance our services.

One of the cornerstones of successful research collaborations is a multi-professional approach. Our group consists of anaesthesiologists, ICU nurses, emergency room nurses, emergency medical call center professionals, and paramedics, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the table. We also place strong emphasis on user involvement in our projects, providing a user panel within PRE to facilitate this involvement.

We have established a number of essential research partnerships, one of which is with the University of Oslo's Institute of Clinical Medicine. Additionally, we have significant collaboration with other OUS divisions, such as the Division of Emergencies and Critical Care and the Division of Clinical Neuroscience. Our most extensive national research collaboration is with the Norwegian Air Ambulance foundation, where several of our senior researchers and PhD students hold positions.

We also actively collaborate with institutions like OsloMet, University of Stavanger, SHARE - Centre for Resilience in Healthcare, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and NTNU, each for matters of mutual interests which ranges from prehospital emergency care to safety research and leadership. Our continued collaboration with Østfold University College centers on research in cardiac arrest and stroke. Our corporation with the Mountain Medicine Research Group concentrates on research in conditions of extreme settings.

Our collaborations with several international institutions play a vital role in enhancing the capacity and competence of our employees. We have an extended cooperation with the University Hospital in Schelswig-Holstein, including both PhD education and exchange programs for our academic employees. Our research around signal processing is central through our collaboration with the University of Bilbao.

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