Current projects

  • Determining the value of chest radiographs in preschool children with pneumonia: An enhancement of The Norwegian Antibiotics for Pneumonia in Children study (REK 2017/1863) 
  • Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in children. Novel work on age related normative findings to identify true pathology (REK 2016/1696). 
  • MRI study after arterial switch operation in patients with transposition of the great arteries using 3T MRI imaging of coronary arteries and myocardial function (REK 2011/1422). 
  • The Fontan circulation – Imaging function and long-term effects in the heart and liver, with US elastography, hepatic and cardiac MRI (REK 2013/1331).
  • Three-dimentional printing and display of heart models new tools for planning surgery and interventions in congenital heart disease (REK 2017/1079)
  • Data modelling to secure the diagnostic process in congenital heart diseases, NORCE 4D flow (Rek saksnummer 148926). 
  • MRI in myocarditis following Covid-19-vaccination (REK 434476). 
  • Participation in the RECEPTOR –study. Multicentre study, PI based in UK, comparing conventional radiography and CT for detection of rib fractures in non-accidental trauma (International REK, kun anonyme data). 
  • Participation in PhD project to evaluate the effect of Sirolimus-treatment of lymphatic malformations.
  • Surveillance of children with antenatally detected pelvoureteral junction obstruction who are conservatively treated children (watchful waiting). A quality assurance study (No REK number).
  • HARMONIC. European multicenter cohort study assessing the long-term effects of ionizing radiation in patients with congenital heart disease
  • Active participation in European task forces. The current research-group leader chairs the European Society for Pediatric Radiology Abdominal Task Force group. 
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