PRC are currently running or involved in a number of different projects. A few of the most recent are listed below, for a complete list please consult the PRC website: PRC Projects - Oslo universitetssykehus ( 

  • MyPath – the digital solution to patient-centred cancer care in Europe, an EU-funded study.
  • The PALLiON study – (Palliative Care Integrated in Oncology), a national cluster randomized trial on early integration of oncological and palliative care (NCT 03088202) 
  • Brain Metastases in Norway - A Prospective Cohort Study, a 2 year follow-up of patients with newly diagnosed brain metastases; clinical and treatment related patient self-reported data (NCT 03346655)
  • PRAIS - The Palliative Radiotherapy and Inflammation Study, a large international observational study aiming to investigate predictors of response of radiotherapy in patients with painful bone metastases (NCT02107664)
  • MENAC -  The Multimodal Exercise/Nutrition/Anti-inflammatory treatment for Cachexia trial, a large-scale international open randomized phase III multimodal intervention trial investigating the effect of a tripod intervention as early prevention of the development of cachexia (NCT 02330926).
  • The Orkdal model, a national pre-post study investigating the collaboration between community and specialist care by establishing care pathways to improve palliative care to advanced cancer patients and families in 13 municipalities belonging to a local hospital (NCT02170168)
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