Research projects

Clinical trials

  • BackToBasic; TNF alfa blocker treatment of chronic low-back pain with Modic changes, a randomized double blind multicenter placebo-controlled trial.
  • The AIM-study (Antibiotics In Modic changes); antibiotic treatment of chronic low-back pain with Modic changes, a randomised double blind multicenter placebo controlled trial.
  • The NORwegian Degenerative spinal STENosis-trial (the NORDSTEN-study).
  • The MI-NAV project: Can Motivational Interviewing facilitate Return-to-Work in sicklisted people with musculoskeletal disorders? A randomised trial within NAV.
  • The Lumbar Interbody Fusion vs. Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation (LIFEHAB) trial.
  • Epigenetic and molecular biomarkers in chronic low back pain and Modic changes. A casecontrol study.

Epidemiology and registry studies

  • PATHWAY: Children's pathways after trauma for health and well-being through adolescence and young adulthood
  • Childbirth, hormonal factors and low back pain - a prospective epidemiological survey
  • Risk factors for anterior cruciate ligament injuries in Norwegian adolescents and young adults: (the ACL/HUNT studies).
  • Spinal surgery in Norway. Trends, costs and regional differences.
  • The Acute Low-Back Pain Study. Clinical, neurophysiological and genetic risk factors.
  • Back Pain in Elderly (BACE). A prospective cohort study of older people visiting primary care with a new episode of back pain.
  • Neck surgery in Norway
  • Physical activity and sport participation during adolescence and musculoskeletal complaints in adulthood. A population-based cohort study.
  • Killing pain? Use of analgesic, sedative and anxiolytic medication and the development of psychiatric illness in adolescents (‘Vold og helseplager hos ungdom’).
  • Risk factors for development of chronic pain after hospitalization for acute low back pain and/or sciatica (RUKSAR).

Mixed methods

  • Cross cultural validation of outcome measurement tool and evaluation of treatment options for patients with plantar fasciopathy.
  • Illness perceptions and coping with chronic illness.
  • People with intellectual disabilities and vulnerabilities for harmful sexual behavior and abuse.
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence in Developing Personalized and Sustainable Healthcare for Spinal Disorders (AID-Spine).
  • Nothing About Us Without Us: Research Priorities from Patients with musculoskeletal diseases – A James Lind Alliance project for Public and Patient Involvement (PPI)