Skotheim - First runner up to Idea Prize 2008

Friday, Medinnova's annual idea price for an innovation-related research project in the medical field was given to Torstein Lyberg and co-workers for "New solutions in regenerative medicine". An idea from Department of cancer prevention "Fusion gene microarray" received recognition and a diploma for having been in the final round of the price.

Fusion Gene Project - first runner up
The idea fusion gene microarray is patent applied by Rolf Skotheim, Ragnhild A Lothe, Guro E Lind, Gard Thomassen, and Torbjørn Rognes, researchers from Department of Cancer Prevention at the Norwegian Radium Hospital and the Institute for Informatics at University of Oslo. They present a novel general test for identification of fusion genes in cancer. Proof-of-principle data have been successfully obtained from prostate cancers clinical samples and leukaemia cell lines, indicating the usefulness of this universal tool for fusion gene detection. For futher development of this invention the Project Group of Genome Biology recently received funding from the FORNY-program of the Norwegian Research Council.

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