Invited speaker at Biomarker Discovery Conference

Biomarker Discovery Europe 2008 was arranged in Dublin in the beginning of October and Guro E. Lind participated as an invited speaker from the Department of Cancer Prevention. At the meeting she presented a strategy for identification of novel diagnostic DNA methylation biomarkers in cancer, exemplified by the five promising candidates the Lothe group has discovered for early detection of colorectal tumors.
The meeting took place in a brand new hotel that quite ambitiously opened the same evening all participants arrived. Some technical problems were anticipated, and indeed the wireless network only worked until the second floor, and some of the guests had technical key-card problems denying them access to their room. But Guro was the only one actually having problems getting out of her room. Fortunately she was locked out by a helpful receptionist just in time for her talk.

The meeting was a part of a biomarker discovery series arranged by GCTbio. The next meeting will take place in the end of January 2009 and the Lothe group is again invited to speak. The Dublin conference had approximately 75 participants, and the majority was from large biotech and pharmaceutical companies.
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