Dr. Jarle Bruun's research profiled in the 2016 National report from the Health Regional Authorities


The report highlights clinically relevant research and projects ongoing in the KG Jebsen Colorectal cancer research centre was selected from the Health Region South East. Specifically, Dr Jarle Bruun's paper identifying the gene Regulator of chromosome condensation 2 (RCC2) as functionally important in colorectal cancer, and furthermore that changes of RCC2 at the DNA and protein level can identify clinically distinct subgroups of patients with inferior survival. This is the first paper that reports clinical relevance of RCC2 in cancer. Bruun has already contributed to two ongoing innovation projects from the Lothe group at the Department of Molecular Oncology, Institute for Cancer Research.

Forskning og innovasjon til pasientens beste - Nasjonal rapport fra spesialisthelsetjenesten 2016

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