The Norwegian Cancer Society calls attention to collaborative study on relevance of genetic heterogeneity

Anita Sveen is heavily involved in the study (photo Terje Heiestad)

The Norwegian Cancer Society has recently presented a research project on their home page where researchers from Oslo and Bergen have performed genetic analyses on cancer cells that have spread from the gut to the liver. The results show that the degree of genetic heterogenenity between the tumors in the gut and in the liver respectively may reveal important prognostic information. The study led by Ragnhild A. Lothe from the Department of Moleceular Oncology at OUS and Per Eystein Lønning from Haukeland University Hospital.


Article from the Norwegian Cancer Society (in Norwegian)
Ny kunnskap om tarmkreft med spredning

News article from about the study:
Clinical relevance of genetic heterogeneity among distinct liver metastatic deposits identified in patients with colorectal cancer

Home page of Ragnhild A. Lothe's "Genetics" group

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