Anita Sveen and Trude Holmeide Ågesen successfully defended their PhD theses

On Wednesday, March 7th, Anita Sveen first gave a trial lecture and later the same day, defended her PhD thesis "The transcriptome and prognosis in stage II and III colorectal cancer". The trial lecture was titled "Spliceosome mutations in malignancies: Implications for cancer diagnostics and therapy?".

Trude Holmeide Ågesen defended her PhD thesis "Genetics of colorectal cancer: new insights to early onset and to prognostication of disease" on Friday, the 9th of March.
The trial lecture was titled "Next generation sequencing and genome-wide technologies - Possible implications for screening, diagnosis and therapy of colorectal cancer".

Both candidates are now employed as Postdoctoral Fellows in the Lothe lab.
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