Stine Aske Danielsen successfully defends her PhD thesis

Stine Aske Danielsen from the Lothe lab gave an excellent trial lecture on the topic ”Molecular basis for targeted therapies in colorectal cancer” on November 15, and successfully defended her PhD thesis the following day.

Her thesis is entitled "Molecular markers of colorectal cancer and their clinical potential".

Stine Aske Danielsen is now employed as a Postdoc in the Lothe lab.

Papers included in the work:

Identification of an epigenetic biomarker panel with high sensitivity and specificity for colorectal cancer and adenomas 

Novel mutations of the suppressor gene PTEN in colorectal carcinomas stratified by microsatellite instability- and TP53 mutation- status

DNA Sequence Profiles of the Colorectal Cancer Critical Gene Set KRAS-BRAF-PIK3CA-PTEN-TP53 Related to Age at Disease Onset

Phospholipase C Isozymes Are Deregulated in Colorectal Cancer – Insights Gained from Gene Set Enrichment Analysis of the Transcriptome

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