Our department currently houses the following advanced microscopes:


For Confocal Microscopy:

      Zeiss LSM 5 LIVE DUO fast-scanning and conventional confocal microscope (located in K06 043)

      Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope (located in K06 020)

      Zeiss LSM 780 confocal microscope (located in K6 043)


For Superresolution Microscopy:

      Applied Precision OMX V4 Blaze 3D-SIM Super-resolution microscope (located in K06 020)


For Electron Microscopy:

      JEOL 1230 (120 kV TEM) electron microscope (located in K03 036)

      Philips CM10 (100 kV TEM) electron microscope (located in F203)


For Live-cell imaging:

      Nikon Biostation live-cell widefield fluorescence and phase contrast microscope (K06 047)

      Delta Vision live-cell widefield fluorescence microscope (K06 040)


For High-throughput Microscopy:

     Olympus Scan^R high-throughput widefield fluorescence microscope (K05 022)

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