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Publications 2018

  1. Dejgaard LA, Haland TF, Lie OH, Ribe M, Bjune T, Leren IS, Berge KE, Edvardsen T, Haugaa KH (2018)
    Vigorous exercise in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    Int J Cardiol, 250, 157-163
    PubMed 29169752
  2. Hasselberg NE, Berge KE, Rasmussen M, Früh A, Ørstavik K, Haugaa KH (2018)
    [No title available]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen (in press)
    PubMed 29313627
  3. Mikropoulos C, Selkirk CGH, Saya S, Bancroft E, Vertosick E, Dadaev T, Brendler C, Page E, Dias A, Evans DG, Rothwell J, Maehle L, Axcrona K, Richardson K, Eccles D, Jensen T, Osther PJ, van Asperen CJ, Vasen H, Kiemeney LA, Ringelberg J, Cybulski C, Wokolorczyk D, Hart R, Glover W et al. (2018)
    Prostate-specific antigen velocity in a prospective prostate cancer screening study of men with genetic predisposition
    Br J Cancer (in press)
    PubMed 29301143
  4. Ribarska T, Gilfillan GD (2018)
    Native Chromatin Immunoprecipitation-Sequencing (ChIP-Seq) from Low Cell Numbers
    Methods Mol Biol, 1689, 157-166
    PubMed 29027173
  5. Zuber V, Jönsson EG, Frei O, Witoelar A, Thompson WK, Schork AJ, Bettella F, Wang Y, Djurovic S, Smeland OB, Dieset I, Fanous AH, Desikan RS, Küry S, Bézieau S, Dale AM, Mills IG, Andreassen OA (2018)
    Identification of shared genetic variants between schizophrenia and lung cancer
    Sci Rep, 8 (1), 674
    PubMed 29330379

Publications 2017

  1. Andresen MS, Ali HO, Myklebust CF, Sandset PM, Stavik B, Iversen N, Skretting G (2017)
    Estrogen induced expression of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 in MCF7 cells involves lysine-specific demethylase 1
    Mol Cell Endocrinol, 443, 80-88
    PubMed 28088469
  2. Ansar M, Riazuddin S, Sarwar MT, Makrythanasis P, Paracha SA, Iqbal Z, Khan J, Assir MZ, Hussain M, Razzaq A, Polla DL, Taj AS, Holmgren A, Batool N, Misceo D, Iwaszkiewicz J, de Brouwer APM, Guipponi M, Hanquinet S, Zoete V, Santoni FA, Frengen E, Ahmed J, Riazuddin S, van Bokhoven H et al. (2017)
    Biallelic variants in LINGO1 are associated with autosomal recessive intellectual disability, microcephaly, speech and motor delay
    Genet Med (in press)
    PubMed 28837161
  3. Bjørgo K, Fjær R, Mørk HH, Ferdinandusse S, Falkenberg KD, Waterham HR, Øye AM, Sikiric A, Amundsen SS, Kulseth MA, Selmer K (2017)
    Biochemical and genetic characterization of an unusual mild PEX3-related Zellweger spectrum disorder
    Mol Genet Metab, 121 (4), 325-328
    PubMed 28673549
  4. Caddeo A, Mancina RM, Pirazzi C, Russo C, Sasidharan K, Sandstedt J, Maurotti S, Montalcini T, Pujia A, Leren TP, Romeo S, Pingitore P (2017)
    Molecular analysis of three known and one novel LPL variants in patients with type I hyperlipoproteinemia
    Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis (in press)
    PubMed 29288010
  5. Chen CH, Wang Y, Lo MT, Schork A, Fan CC, Holland D, Kauppi K, Smeland OB, Djurovic S, Sanyal N, Hibar DP, Thompson PM, Thompson WK, Andreassen OA, Dale AM (2017)
    Leveraging genome characteristics to improve gene discovery for putamen subcortical brain structure
    Sci Rep, 7 (1), 15736
    PubMed 29147026
  6. Chen H, Ewing CM, Zheng S, Grindedaal EM, Cooney KA, Wiley K, Djurovic S, Andreassen OA, Axcrona K, Mills IG, Xu J, Maehle L, Fosså SD, Isaacs WB (2017)
    Genetic factors influencing prostate cancer risk in Norwegian men
    Prostate, 78 (3), 186-192
    PubMed 29181843
  7. Cheng S, Jiang X, Yang B, Wen L, Zhao F, Zeng WB, Liu XJ, Dong X, Sun JY, Ming YZ, Zhu H, Rayner S, Tang Q, Fortunato E, Luo MH (2017)
    Infected T98G glioblastoma cells support human cytomegalovirus reactivation from latency
    Virology, 510, 205-215
    PubMed 28750324
  8. Cockerell I, Guenin M, Heimdal K, Bjørnvold M, Selmer KK, Rouvière O (2017)
    Prevalence of Renal Angiomyolipomas and Spontaneous Bleeding Related to Angiomyolipomas in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Patients in France and Norway-a Questionnaire Study
    Urology, 104, 70-76
    PubMed 28232177
  9. Cui XY, Skretting G, Tinholt M, Stavik B, Dahm AEA, Sahlberg KK, Kanse S, Iversen N, Sandset PM (2017)
    A novel hypoxia response element regulates oxygen-related repression of tissue factor pathway inhibitor in the breast cancer cell line MCF-7
    Thromb Res, 157, 111-116
    PubMed 28734156
  10. Dahl JA, Gilfillan GD (2017)
    How low can you go? Pushing the limits of low-input ChIP-seq
    Brief Funct Genomics (in press)
    PubMed 29087438
  11. Danielsen HE, Hveem TS, Domingo E, Pradhan M, Kleppe A, Syvertsen RA, Kostolomov I, Nesheim JA, Askautrud HA, Nesbakken A, Lothe RA, Svindland A, Shepherd N, Novelli M, Johnstone E, Tomlinson I, Kerr R, Kerr DJ (2017)
    Prognostic markers for colorectal cancer; estimating ploidy and stroma
    Ann Oncol (in press)
    PubMed 29293881
  12. de Muinck EJ, Trosvik P, Gilfillan GD, Hov JR, Sundaram AYM (2017)
    A novel ultra high-throughput 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing library preparation method for the Illumina HiSeq platform
    Microbiome, 5 (1), 68
    PubMed 28683838
  13. Dejgaard LA, Haland TF, Lie OH, Ribe M, Bjune T, Leren IS, Berge KE, Edvardsen T, Haugaa KH (2017)
    Data on exercise and cardiac imaging in a patient cohort with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    Data Brief, 15, 30-39
    PubMed 28971120
  14. Devor A, Andreassen OA, Wang Y, Mäki-Marttunen T, Smeland OB, Fan CC, Schork AJ, Holland D, Thompson WK, Witoelar A, Chen CH, Desikan RS, McEvoy LK, Djurovic S, Greengard P, Svenningsson P, Einevoll GT, Dale AM (2017)
    Genetic evidence for role of integration of fast and slow neurotransmission in schizophrenia
    Mol Psychiatry, 22 (6), 792-801
    PubMed 28348379
  15. Doan NT, Kaufmann T, Bettella F, Jørgensen KN, Brandt CL, Moberget T, Alnæs D, Douaud G, Duff E, Djurovic S, Melle I, Ueland T, Agartz I, Andreassen OA, Westlye LT (2017)
    Distinct multivariate brain morphological patterns and their added predictive value with cognitive and polygenic risk scores in mental disorders
    Neuroimage Clin, 15, 719-731
    PubMed 28702349
  16. Dominguez-Valentin M, Nakken S, Tubeuf H, Vodak D, Ekstrøm PO, Nissen AM, Morak M, Holinski-Feder E, Martins A, Møller P, Hovig E (2017)
    Potentially pathogenic germline CHEK2 c.319+2T>A among multiple early-onset cancer families
    Fam Cancer (in press)
    PubMed 28608266
  17. Epi4K Consortium, EuroEPINOMICS-RES Consortium, Epilepsy Phenome Genome Project (2017)
    Application of rare variant transmission disequilibrium tests to epileptic encephalopathy trio sequence data
    Eur J Hum Genet, 25 (7), 894-899
    PubMed 28513609
  18. Fuglerud BM, Lemma RB, Wanichawan P, Sundaram AYM, Eskeland R, Gabrielsen OS (2017)
    A c-Myb mutant causes deregulated differentiation due to impaired histone binding and abrogated pioneer factor function
    Nucleic Acids Res, 45 (13), 7681-7696
    PubMed 28472346
  19. Gabriele M, Vulto-van Silfhout AT, Germain PL, Vitriolo A, Kumar R, Douglas E, Haan E, Kosaki K, Takenouchi T, Rauch A, Steindl K, Frengen E, Misceo D, Pedurupillay CRJ, Stromme P, Rosenfeld JA, Shao Y, Craigen WJ, Schaaf CP, Rodriguez-Buritica D, Farach L, Friedman J, Thulin P, McLean SD, Nugent KM et al. (2017)
    YY1 Haploinsufficiency Causes an Intellectual Disability Syndrome Featuring Transcriptional and Chromatin Dysfunction
    Am J Hum Genet, 100 (6), 907-925
    PubMed 28575647
  20. Gervin K, Nordeng H, Ystrom E, Reichborn-Kjennerud T, Lyle R (2017)
    Long-term prenatal exposure to paracetamol is associated with DNA methylation differences in children diagnosed with ADHD
    Clin Epigenetics, 9, 77
    PubMed 28785368
  21. Grindedal EM, Heramb C, Karsrud I, Ariansen SL, Mæhle L, Undlien DE, Norum J, Schlichting E (2017)
    Current guidelines for BRCA testing of breast cancer patients are insufficient to detect all mutation carriers
    BMC Cancer, 17 (1), 438
    PubMed 28637432
  22. Haland TF, Hasselberg NE, Almaas VM, Dejgaard LA, Saberniak J, Leren IS, Berge KE, Haugaa KH, Edvardsen T (2017)
    The systolic paradox in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    Open Heart, 4 (1), e000571
    PubMed 28674623
  23. Hamilton MJ, Caswell RC, Canham N, Cole T, Firth HV, Foulds N, Heimdal K, Hobson E, Houge G, Joss S, Kumar D, Lampe AK, Maystadt I, McKay V, Metcalfe K, Newbury-Ecob R, Park SM, Robert L, Rustad CF, Wakeling E, Wilkie AOM, Study TDDD, Twigg SRF, Suri M (2017)
    Heterozygous mutations affecting the protein kinase domain of CDK13 cause a syndromic form of developmental delay and intellectual disability
    J Med Genet, 55 (1), 28-38
    PubMed 29021403
  24. Hanssen EN, Lyle R, Egeland T, Gill P (2017)
    Degradation in forensic trace DNA samples explored by massively parallel sequencing
    Forensic Sci Int Genet, 27, 160-166
    PubMed 28088090
  25. Hasselberg NE, Haland TF, Saberniak J, Brekke PH, Berge KE, Leren TP, Edvardsen T, Haugaa KH (2017)
    Lamin A/C cardiomyopathy: young onset, high penetrance, and frequent need for heart transplantation
    Eur Heart J (in press)
    PubMed 29095976
  26. Henriksen EKK, Viken MK, Wittig M, Holm K, Folseraas T, Mucha S, Melum E, Hov JR, Lazaridis KN, Juran BD, Chazouillères O, Färkkilä M, Gotthardt DN, Invernizzi P, Carbone M, Hirschfield GM, Rushbrook SM, Goode E, UK-PSC Consortium, Ponsioen CY, Weersma RK, Eksteen B, Yimam KK, Gordon SC, Goldberg D et al. (2017)
    HLA haplotypes in primary sclerosing cholangitis patients of admixed and non-European ancestry
    HLA, 90 (4), 228-233
    PubMed 28695657
  27. Hibar DP, Adams HHH, Jahanshad N, Chauhan G, Stein JL, Hofer E, Renteria ME, Bis JC, Arias-Vasquez A, Ikram MK, Desrivières S, Vernooij MW, Abramovic L, Alhusaini S, Amin N, Andersson M, Arfanakis K, Aribisala BS, Armstrong NJ, Athanasiu L, Axelsson T, Beecham AH, Beiser A, Bernard M, Blanton SH et al. (2017)
    Novel genetic loci associated with hippocampal volume
    Nat Commun, 8, 13624
    PubMed 28098162
  28. Holm I, Spildrejorde M, Stadheim B, Eiklid KL, Samarakoon PS (2017)
    Whole exome sequencing of sporadic patients with Currarino Syndrome: A report of three trios
    Gene, 624, 50-55
    PubMed 28456592
  29. Hoseth EZ, Ueland T, Dieset I, Birnbaum R, Shin JH, Kleinman JE, Hyde TM, Mørch RH, Hope S, Lekva T, Abraityte AJ, Michelsen AE, Melle I, Westlye LT, Ueland T, Djurovic S, Aukrust P, Weinberger DR, Andreassen OA (2017)
    A Study of TNF Pathway Activation in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder in Plasma and Brain Tissue
    Schizophr Bull, 43 (4), 881-890
    PubMed 28049760
  30. Hovland A, Mundal LJ, Igland J, Veierød MB, Holven KB, Bogsrud MP, Tell GS, Leren TP, Retterstøl K (2017)
    Increased risk of heart failure and atrial fibrillation in heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia
    Atherosclerosis, 266, 69-73
    PubMed 28992466
  31. Jarhelle E, Riise Stensland HM, Mæhle L, Van Ghelue M (2017)
    Characterization of BRCA1 and BRCA2 variants found in a Norwegian breast or ovarian cancer cohort
    Fam Cancer, 16 (1), 1-16
    PubMed 27495310
  32. Jiang HF, Wang W, Jiang X, Zeng WB, Shen ZZ, Song YG, Yang H, Liu XJ, Dong X, Zhou J, Sun JY, Yu FL, Guo L, Cheng T, Rayner S, Zhao F, Zhu H, Luo MH (2017)
    ORF7 of Varicella-Zoster Virus Is Required for Viral Cytoplasmic Envelopment in Differentiated Neuronal Cells
    J Virol, 91 (12)
    PubMed 28356523
  33. Johannessen J, Nærland T, Hope S, Torske T, Høyland AL, Strohmaier J, Heiberg A, Rietschel M, Djurovic S, Andreassen OA (2017)
    Parents' Attitudes toward Clinical Genetic Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder-Data from a Norwegian Sample
    Int J Mol Sci, 18 (5)
    PubMed 28524073
  34. Jørstad ØK, Ødegaard EM, Heimdal KR, Kerty E, Heimdal KR, Kerty E (2017)
    Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Caused by a Mitochondrial DNA 10663T>C Point Mutation and Its Response to Idebenone Treatment
    J Neuroophthalmol (in press)
    PubMed 29210930
  35. Kling D, Egeland T, Piñero MH, Vigeland MD (2017)
    Evaluating the statistical power of DNA-based identification, exemplified by 'The missing grandchildren of Argentina'
    Forensic Sci Int Genet, 31, 57-66
    PubMed 28858673
  36. Krohg-Sørensen K, Lingaas PS, Lundblad R, Seem E, Paus B, Geiran OR (2017)
    Cardiovascular surgery in Loeys-Dietz syndrome types 1-4
    Eur J Cardiothorac Surg, 52 (6), 1125-1131
    PubMed 28541520
  37. Lam M, Trampush JW, Yu J, Knowles E, Davies G, Liewald DC, Starr JM, Djurovic S, Melle I, Sundet K, Christoforou A, Reinvang I, DeRosse P, Lundervold AJ, Steen VM, Espeseth T, Räikkönen K, Widen E, Palotie A, Eriksson JG, Giegling I, Konte B, Roussos P, Giakoumaki S, Burdick KE et al. (2017)
    Large-Scale Cognitive GWAS Meta-Analysis Reveals Tissue-Specific Neural Expression and Potential Nootropic Drug Targets
    Cell Rep, 21 (9), 2597-2613
    PubMed 29186694
  38. Lande A, Kroken M, Rabben K, Retterstøl L (2017)
    Temple syndrome as a differential diagnosis to Prader-Willi syndrome: Identifying three new patients
    Am J Med Genet A, 176 (1), 175-180
    PubMed 29159982
  39. Le Hellard S, Wang Y, Witoelar A, Zuber V, Bettella F, Hugdahl K, Espeseth T, Steen VM, Melle I, Desikan R, Schork AJ, Thompson WK, Dale AM, Djurovic S, Andreassen OA, Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (2017)
    Identification of Gene Loci That Overlap Between Schizophrenia and Educational Attainment
    Schizophr Bull, 43 (3), 654-664
    PubMed 27338279
  40. Lee S, Norheim F, Gulseth HL, Langleite TM, Kolnes KJ, Tangen DS, Stadheim HK, Gilfillan GD, Holen T, Birkeland KI, Jensen J, Drevon CA (2017)
    Interaction between plasma fetuin-A and free fatty acids predicts changes in insulin sensitivity in response to long-term exercise
    Physiol Rep, 5 (5)
    PubMed 28270597
  41. Levin T, Mæhle L (2017)
    Uptake of genetic counseling, genetic testing and surveillance in hereditary malignant melanoma (CDKN2A) in Norway
    Fam Cancer, 16 (2), 257-265
    PubMed 27804060
  42. Liu XJ, Yang B, Huang SN, Wu CC, Li XJ, Cheng S, Jiang X, Hu F, Ming YZ, Nevels M, Britt WJ, Rayner S, Tang Q, Zeng WB, Zhao F, Luo MH (2017)
    Human cytomegalovirus IE1 downregulates Hes1 in neural progenitor cells as a potential E3 ubiquitin ligase
    PLoS Pathog, 13 (7), e1006542
    PubMed 28750047
  43. Low KJ, Ansari M, Abou Jamra R, Clarke A, El Chehadeh S, FitzPatrick DR, Greenslade M, Henderson A, Hurst J, Keller K, Kuentz P, Prescott T, Roessler F, Selmer KK, Schneider MC, Stewart F, Tatton-Brown K, Thevenon J, Vigeland MD, Vogt J, Willems M, Zonana J, Study DD, Smithson SF (2017)
    PUF60 variants cause a syndrome of ID, short stature, microcephaly, coloboma, craniofacial, cardiac, renal and spinal features
    Eur J Hum Genet, 25 (5), 552-559
    PubMed 28327570
  44. Maršíková J, Wilkinson D, Hlaváček O, Gilfillan GD, Mizeranschi A, Hughes T, Begany M, Rešetárová S, Váchová L, Palková Z (2017)
    Metabolic differentiation of surface and invasive cells of yeast colony biofilms revealed by gene expression profiling
    BMC Genomics, 18 (1), 814
    PubMed 29061122
  45. Mellerup E, Andreassen OA, Bennike B, Dam H, Djurovic S, Jorgensen MB, Kessing LV, Koefoed P, Melle I, Mors O, Moeller GL (2017)
    Combinations of genetic variants associated with bipolar disorder
    PLoS One, 12 (12), e0189739
    PubMed 29267373
  46. Mero IL, Mørk HH, Sheng Y, Blomhoff A, Opheim GL, Erichsen A, Vigeland MD, Selmer KK (2017)
    Homozygous KIDINS220 loss-of-function variants in fetuses with cerebral ventriculomegaly and limb contractures
    Hum Mol Genet, 26 (19), 3792-3796
    PubMed 28934391
  47. Møller P, Hovig E (2017)
    The BRCA2 variant c.68-7 T>A is associated with breast cancer
    Hered Cancer Clin Pract, 15, 20
    PubMed 29158857
  48. Møller P, Hovig E (2017)
    Our genes, our selves: hereditary breast cancer and biological citizenship in Norway
    Med Health Care Philos (in press)
    PubMed 28939999
  49. Møller P, Seppälä TT, Bernstein I, Holinski-Feder E, Sala P, Gareth Evans D, Lindblom A, Macrae F, Blanco I, Sijmons RH, Jeffries J, Vasen HFA, Burn J, Nakken S, Hovig E, Rødland EA, Tharmaratnam K, de Vos Tot Nederveen Cappel WH, Hill J, Wijnen JT, Jenkins MA, Green K, Lalloo F, Sunde L, Mints M et al. (2017)
    Cancer risk and survival in path_MMR carriers by gene and gender up to 75 years of age: a report from the Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database
    Gut (in press)
    PubMed 28754778
  50. Mørch RH, Dieset I, Faerden A, Hope S, Aas M, Nerhus M, Gardsjord ES, Haram M, Falk RS, Joa I, Morken G, Agartz I, Aukrust P, Djurovic S, Melle I, Ueland T, Andreassen OA (2017)
    Persistent increase in TNF and IL-1 markers in severe mental disorders suggests trait-related inflammation: a one year follow-up study
    Acta Psychiatr Scand, 136 (4), 400-408
    PubMed 28815548
  51. Mårild K, Tapia G, Haugen M, Dahl SR, Cohen AS, Lundqvist M, Lie BA, Stene LC, Størdal K (2017)
    Maternal and neonatal vitamin D status, genotype and childhood celiac disease
    PLoS One, 12 (7), e0179080
    PubMed 28686601
  52. Olafsson S, Stridh P, Bos SD, Ingason A, Euesden J, Sulem P, Thorleifsson G, Gustafsson O, Johannesson A, Geirsson AJ, Thorsson AV, Sigurgeirsson B, Ludviksson BR, Olafsson E, Kristjansdottir H, Jonasson JG, Olafsson JH, Orvar KB, Benediktsson R, Bjarnason R, Kristjansdottir S, Gislason T, Valdimarsson T, Mikaelsdottir E, Sigurdsson S et al. (2017)
    Fourteen sequence variants that associate with multiple sclerosis discovered by meta-analysis informed by genetic correlations
    NPJ Genom Med, 2, 24
    PubMed 29263835
  53. Pakdaman Y, Sanchez-Guixé M, Kleppe R, Erdal S, Bustad HJ, Bjørkhaug L, Haugarvoll K, Tzoulis C, Heimdal K, Knappskog PM, Johansson S, Aukrust I (2017)
    In vitro characterization of six STUB1 variants in spinocerebellar ataxia 16 reveals altered structural properties for the encoded CHIP proteins
    Biosci Rep, 37 (2)
    PubMed 28396517
  54. Platzer K, Yuan H, Schütz H, Winschel A, Chen W, Hu C, Kusumoto H, Heyne HO, Helbig KL, Tang S, Willing MC, Tinkle BT, Adams DJ, Depienne C, Keren B, Mignot C, Frengen E, Strømme P, Biskup S, Döcker D, Strom TM, Mefford HC, Myers CT, Muir AM, LaCroix A et al. (2017)
    GRIN2B encephalopathy: novel findings on phenotype, variant clustering, functional consequences and treatment aspects
    J Med Genet, 54 (7), 460-470
    PubMed 28377535
  55. Popperud TH, Viken MK, Kerty E, Lie BA (2017)
    Juvenile myasthenia gravis in Norway: HLA-DRB1*04:04 is positively associated with prepubertal onset
    PLoS One, 12 (10), e0186383
    PubMed 29036181
  56. Ramm-Pettersen A, Nakken KO, Haavardsholm KC, Selmer KK (2017)
    GLUT1-deficiency syndrome: Report of a four-generation Norwegian family with a mild phenotype
    Epilepsy Behav, 70 (Pt A), 1-4
    PubMed 28407523
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    Epigenetics, 12 (8), 674-687
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    Full genome survey and dynamics of gene expression in the greater amberjack Seriola dumerili
    Gigascience, 6 (12), 1-13
    PubMed 29126158
  65. Schinagl C, Melum GR, Rødningen OK, Bjørgo K, Andresen JH (2017)
    Severe persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn and dysmorphic features in neonate with a deletion involving TWIST1 and PHF14: a case report
    J Med Case Rep, 11 (1), 226
    PubMed 28814329
  66. Seppälä T, Pylvänäinen K, Evans DG, Järvinen H, Renkonen-Sinisalo L, Bernstein I, Holinski-Feder E, Sala P, Lindblom A, Macrae F, Blanco I, Sijmons R, Jeffries J, Vasen H, Burn J, Nakken S, Hovig E, Rødland EA, Tharmaratnam K, de Vos Tot Nederveen Cappel WH, Hill J, Wijnen J, Jenkins M, Genuardi M, Green K et al. (2017)
    Colorectal cancer incidence in path_MLH1 carriers subjected to different follow-up protocols: a Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database report
    Hered Cancer Clin Pract, 15, 18
    PubMed 29046738
  67. Sigstad E, Grøholt KK, Jørgensen K, Stormorken A, Li HS (2017)
    A woman in her thirties with breast cancer and bilateral goitre
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 137 (11), 806-809
    PubMed 28597636
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    Identification of Genetic Loci Jointly Influencing Schizophrenia Risk and the Cognitive Traits of Verbal-Numerical Reasoning, Reaction Time, and General Cognitive Function
    JAMA Psychiatry, 74 (10), 1065-1075
    PubMed 28746715
  69. Smeland OB, Wang Y, Frei O, Li W, Hibar DP, Franke B, Bettella F, Witoelar A, Djurovic S, Chen CH, Thompson PM, Dale AM, Andreassen OA (2017)
    Genetic Overlap Between Schizophrenia and Volumes of Hippocampus, Putamen, and Intracranial Volume Indicates Shared Molecular Genetic Mechanisms
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