Benedicte A. Lie's research group: Genetics of Autoimmunity

Benedicte A. LieGroup leader
Benedicte A. Lie
Group leader

Our research is focused on understanding the genetic mechanisms of autoimmune diseases (including rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis), diseases with a putative autoimmune component (CSF/ME and low back pain with modic changes) through studies of DNA, RNA, epigenetics, proteins and cells. We investigate large and well-characterized patient cohorts to unravel genetic predisposition, as well as the influence of genetic risk factors on clinical outcome. Additionally, we explore the relationship between genetic risk polymorphisms and environmental risk factors, all the way down to single cell level and also by screening the extracellular vesicles. Furthermore, the genetic studies are complemented by functional studies of RNA expression, epigenetic modifications or protein profiles to shed light on the role of the genes in the pathogenesis. We utilize high throughput sequencing in our studies, and we are continuously implementing the newest molecular methods to reveal the genetic dispositions of autoimmunity.

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