Viking lectures

A top international neurosurgeon is selected for the annual VIKING LECTURE:

  • 2008 Nicolas de Tribolet, Geneve: From the Operating Theater to the Lab Bench
  • 2009 John Pickard, Cambridge: Altered States of consciousness following neurotrauma
  • 2010 Johannes Schramm, Bonn: Micro-neurosurgery for mesial temporal tumors
  • 2011 Juha Hernesniemi, Helsinki: Life and Training in Neurosurgery
  • 2012 Hugues Duffau, Montpellier: Hodotopy a new concept in surgery for low- grade gliomas
  • 2013 Peter Hutchinson Cambridge: Rescuing the Injured Brain
  • 2014 Michael Link, Mayo Clinic: Rehabilitation of cranial nerve injuries after skull base surgery
  • 2015: Peter Vajkocz, Berlin : Combining Clinic and basic science,Examplified with our work on Moyamoya Disease
  • 2016: Iver Langmoen, Oslo : Glioblastoma stemcells – from bench to clinic
  • 2017: Randall Chesnut, Washington : The evidence for ICP measurement
  • 2018 Andres Lozano, Toronto: Currrent and emerging indications of deep brain stimulation
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