Research Management and the Research Committee

Research Management

  • Head of Research: Prof. Tom Hemming Karlsen (
  • Research Administration: Steinar Heldal (

The Head of Research’s responsibility is to – on delegated authority from Head of Divison - to manage, organize, coordinate and promote good and sound research in the division. Head of Research is chair of the Research Committee.

Research Committee 2022-2024

The Research Committee is an advisory body for Head of Research and Head of Division in research related questions.  The members of the committee is appointed by Head of Division every third year.

Members of the committee:

  • Sheraz Yaqub, HPB-surgery
  • Henriette Veiby Holm, Urology
  • Bente Halvorsen, Research Institute of Internal Medicine
  • Hanne Scholz, Experimental Cell Transplantation
  • Pernille Bøyesen, Rheumatology
  • Ebbe Billmann Thorgersen, Surgical Oncology
  • Astrid Klopstad Wahl, Health Sciences
  • Tom Mala, Gastrointestinal surgery

Ex officio members:

  • Steinar Heldal, Head of Research Administration
  • Tom Hemming Karlsen, Head of Research
  • Kim Alexander Tønseth, Acting Head of Division

Mandate for the committee (PDF, in Norwegian only)

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