Scientists from Department of Genetics co-author recent Nature article

A. Langerd (left), H. Russnes and A.-L. Brresen-Dale

In a paper published in Nature December 24 - entitled "Complex landscapes of somatic rearrangement in human breast cancer genomes" - scientists from the Department of Genetics at the Institute for Cancer Research (photo) have been heavily involved.

The study is a pilot preceding a major EU funded collaboration (BASIS) aiming at detailed molecular characterization of more than 2000 breast carcinomas at all levels, where the Department of Genetics have a central role.

The article presents genome wide sequencing of individual breast cancer genomes by "Paired end sequencing". The majority of the tumors studied were samples selected from well studied Norwegian breast carcinomas and were based on previous knowledge of their molecular ("intrinsic") subtype.

The data from both tumor samples and cell-lines showed that the recognized molecular subtypes have distinct patterns of genomic aberrations.


Complex landscapes of somatic rearrangement in human breast cancer genomes.
Stephens PJ, McBride DJ, Lin ML, Varela I, Pleasance ED, Simpson JT, Stebbings LA, Leroy C, Edkins S, Mudie LJ, Greenman CD, Jia M, Latimer C, Teague JW, Lau KW, Burton J, Quail MA, Swerdlow H, Churcher C, Natrajan R, Sieuwerts AM, Martens JW, Silver DP, Langerød A, Russnes HE, Foekens JA, Reis-Filho JS, van 't Veer L, Richardson AL, Børresen-Dale AL, Campbell PJ, Futreal PA, Stratton MR.
. 2009 Dec 24;462(7276):1005-10.

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