Kristian Berg appointed professor II at School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo

Kristian Berg from the Department of Radiation Biology at the Institute for Cancer Research is appointed Professor II at the School of Pharmacy University of Oslo, in the field of photochemotherapy.
The position is allocated to the PharmaLuxLab research group at the Pharmacy section.

Berg has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Oslo, and has been working at the Radium Hospital since 1984. His main research interests have been photodynamic therapy (PDT) and photochemical internalization (PCI). Kristian Berg and his research team have invented and patented the PCI technology, a drug delivery system for macromolecular drugs. Berg has played a major role in bringing the PCI technology from bench to bedside. The first cancer patient was treated by use of the PCI technology at London University Collage this autumn.

Berg's research within the fields of photobiology and photomedicine is internationally recognized. For the past 2 years he has been the president of the European Society for Photobiology (ESP) (period just expired). Collaboration between the PharmaLuxLab research group and Dr Bergs research group was established about 10 years ago. Over the years many pharmacy students have had the opportunity to perform the practical work for their master thesis in his lab. Kristian Berg will enter upon the position as Professor II at October 15.


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