First Institute seminar, spring 2009 Geir Ketil Sandve and Eivind Hovig on statistical analyses of genomic data

Eivind Hovig (left) and Geir Ketil Sandve

The first institute seminar for the spring of 2009 will be held on Wednesday January 14th. Speakers will be Geir Ketil Sandve from the Department of Computer and Information Science at NTNU and Eivind Hovig from the Department of Tumor Biology.
The title of their talk is "Massive statistical analyses of genomic data"

Time and place: 12:00, in the seminar room F4.


List of Institute seminars, spring 2009

Geir Ketil Sandve

Eivind Hovig's group: Metastasis: molecular studies and development of methods

Department of Tumor Biology

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