European Conference on scientific publishing in biomedicine and medicine 4-6 September in Oslo

The second European conference on scientific publishing in biomedicine and medicine will be arranged 4-6 September 2008 in Oslo.

The conference aims to broaden researchers' understanding and knowledge of the rapid changes in the scientific communication and publishing environment and its direct impact on the research community.

Early-bird registration until 30 June 2008, fee: NOK 2000
Ph.D. students and medical students can apply for free registration.

The second conference addresses two major themes essential to research scientists and academic clinicians.

1) What are the tangible benefits and disadvantages of Open Access publishing? Do researchers have to pay for Open Access and should they afford to pay? Is Open Access publishing to the universal good or are there negative repercussions down the line? And where do digital repositories fit into all this? They are free to use, are a complement (not an alternative) to publishing in journals, bring the same enhanced impact as publishing in an OA journal, and still leave authors free to publish in whichever journal they like.

2) Can bibliometrics be employed to evaluate research at the level of the researcher, the department, the institute and even at the country or federation level? Are the measures currently being developed sufficiently fair, objective and robust for governing bodies to use them? Is your research being fairly judged? What information are the funding authorities assembling to evaluate whom to fund?

The conference event includes workshops on peer review, metrics and assessment, databases in biomedicine, Nature Precedings and repositories as places for early dissemination of findings, society publishing and writing a scientific paper.

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Welcome to Oslo in September !

Dr. Graham V. Lees Chair, Steering & Programme Committees
Yvonne Hultman Ozek Co-chair, Steering & Programme Committees
Per Arne Jacobsson Chair, Local Organising Committee

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