Institute seminar May 14th 12:00 Hege Russnes

The institute seminar on Wednesday May 14th will be held by Hege Russnes from The Pathology Clinic.

The title of her talk is "Molecular classification of breast carcinomas"

Time and place:
12:00, Seminar Room, F4, Institute for Cancer Research.


Recent article:
Bergamaschi A, Tagliabue E, Sørlie T, Naume B, Triulzi T, Orlandi R, Russnes HG, Nesland JM, Tammi R, Auvinen P, Kosma VM, Ménard S, Børresen-Dale AL.
Extracellular matrix signature identifies breast cancer subgroups with different clinical outcome.
J Pathol. 2008 Feb;214(3):357-67.

Institute seminars spring 2008

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