Harald Stenmark speaks at two Gordon Research Conferences this summer

H. Stenmark
H. Stenmark

Harald Stenmark from the Department of Biochemistry is honoured by the very rare event of being invited to two Gordon Research Conferences (GRCs) this summer. In the end of june, he will be Discussion Leader in the session "Lysosomes & Endocytosis", and in the beginning of august he will give a presentation in the session "Growth factors and Signalling".

GRCs have been recognized for over 75 years as the world's premier scientific conferences for frontiers of science.

The Gordon Research Conferences is a non-profit organization managed byand for the benefit of the scientific community. The Gordon ResearchConferences provide an international forum for the presentation anddiscussion of frontier research in the biological, chemical, andphysical sciences, and their related technologies.

The Gordon Research Conferences were initiated by Dr. Neil E. Gordon, of the Johns Hopkins University, who recognized in the late 1920s the difficulty in establishing good, direct communication between scientists, whether working in the same subject area or in interdisciplinary research. The Gordon Research Conferences promote discussions and the free exchange of ideas at the research frontiers of the biological, chemical and physical sciences.


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Lysosomes & Endocytosis June 22-27, 2008

Growth factors & Signalling August 3-8, 2008

Harald Stenmark's Group - Intracellular communication

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