Kirsten Sandvig promoted honorary doctor at The University of Copenhagen

Kirsten Sandvig at the ceremony (click to enlarge image)
Kirsten Sandvig at the ceremony (click to enlarge image)
Kirsten Sandvig was Nov. 15th promoted honorary doctor at the Medical Faculty, University of Copenhagen (Doctor Medicinae Honoris Causa). The promotion took place at the annual Commemoration Ceremony of the University.

HRH Queen Margrethe II and HRH Prince Henrik were both present and greeted the honorary doctors. The ceremony was followed by a reception and a gala performance of La Boheme in the Copenhagen Opera House.

The main reasons for the appointment were that Kirsten Sandvig has been important for the scientific activity at the University of Copenhagen and that she has published more than 200 articles, many in high impact journals.

Kirsten Sandvig has been collaborating with Bo van Deurs at the University of Copenhagen since 1984, and the collaboration has resulted in more than 90 articles.

Among the scientific contributions is the early evidence for several endocytic pathways and the discovery of retrograde transport from the cell surface to the Golgi and the endoplasmic reticulum, published in Nature.

Sandvig has been visiting Copenhagen in connection with courses, meetings and seminars, for instance in connection with the “Cell Biology Cluster” headed by Bo van Deurs. One reason for the appointment was that the collaboration has been of great importance for many young investigators at the University of Copenhagen. Several members of the Danish research group have been on longer visits to Sandvigs lab in Oslo.


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