Sjur Olsnes honorary doctor at the Moscow Medical Academy

Sjur Olsnes
Sjur Olsnes
Sjur Olsnes - Department head at the Department of Biochemistry - was recently appointed honorary doctor at the Sechenov Academy in. He receives the honor for his contributions to Russian medical research.
His activities include establishing a centre for medical studies, as well as encouraging scientific cooperation between Russian and Norwegian research groups.
The Sechenov Academy is the largest and oldest medical university in Moscow, as well as in Russia.

Sjur Olsnes and Frode Lærum have cooperated with the Sechenov Academy since 1993. Activites they have introduced include exchange of students, supplementary training for medical doctors through joint seminars with Norwegian and Russian physicians, and supporting research of common interest.

A close contact between the medical faculty at the University of Oslo and the Sechenov academy has developed through the years.

They have created a Centre for Medical Studies in Moscow, a place with competent offices and good infrastructure. The centre supports a number of stipendiates, and is working for establishing contact with Norwegian research groups, with a view to scientific cooperation.


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