On the cover of Eur J Immunol: Toll-like receptors direct human hematopoietic cell fates

Mouldy Sioud
Mouldy Sioud

Mouldy Sioud and Ynge Fløisand from the Department of Immunology has demonstrated that progenitor CD34+ cells can be differentiated in functional dendritic cells (DCs) just by stimulation with TLR ligands. The data provide a new opportunity for generating functional DCs that would be useful in cancer vaccination. The cover of the latest (October) issue of the well reputed “European Journal of Immunology“ illustrates these new findings.



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According to rankings based on Thomson's ISI web-based evaluation tool "Essential Science Indicators", and including the top ten journals in 11 main fields ranked according to citations per paper, the European Journal of Immunology is ranked as number 5 in the field of immunology, after Nature, Science, PNAS and Journal of Immunology. View the rankings here (from LSU Libraries)


Sioud M, Floisand Y.
TLR agonists induce the differentiation of human bone marrow CD34(+) progenitors into CD11c(+) CD80/86(+) DC capable of inducing a Th1-type response.
Eur J Immunol. 2007 Sep 12;37(10):2834-2846

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