Information from the Comprehensive Cancer Centre at the RR HF

The Rikshospitalet – Radiumhospitalet Medical Centre - together with the Cancer Registry of Norway - meets the requirements of a "Comphrensive Cancer Centre".

The activities of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre are coordinated by the CCC council, appointed by CEO Åge Danielsen and headed by Professor Øystein Fodstad from the Department of Tumorbiology.
ystein Fodstad,
head of the CCC
The National Cancer Institute in the USA defines a comprehensive cancer centre as a centre with great depth and breadth of research activities in each of three major areas of cancer research, including basic, clinical, prevention and population based research as well as translational research.

The CCC council at the Rikhospitalet-Radiumhospitalet Medical Centre meets once every month.

Accounts from the CCC meetings (in Norwegian) are available from the web site
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