Disputation and trial lecture, 22.05.2007 Fang Liu

Fang Liu
Fang Liu
M.Sc. Fang Liu defended her thesis - entitled "Large – scale bioinformatics studies of DNA denaturation and transcriptome profiling technologies" - on Tuesday May 22nd 2007.

Her trial lecture was on the subject ”An overview of methods for designing oligonucleotides for microarrays”.

Both events took place in the large Auditorium at the Norwegian Radium Hospital at Montebello.

It is now possible to view Fang Liu's trial lecture and disputation on Web TV.

Web TV links:

Fang Liu's trial lecture - entitled "An overview of methods for designing oligonucleotides for microarrays"

Fang Liu's disputation - on the subject "Large-Scale Bioinformatics Studies of DNA Naturation and Transcriptome Profiling Technologies"

Main supervisor: Eivind Hovig


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