Article from Fang Liu awarded by "Helse Sør RHF"

Fang Liu
Fang Liu
In order to stimulate excellent research, the "Southern Norway Regional Health Authority" ("Helse Sør RHF") rewards outstanding publications every half-year. A paper with Fang Liu from Eivind Hovig's group as first author was chosen as one of the two winners in the category "basic research" for the second part of 2006.

The article, entitled "A sequence-oriented comparison of gene expression measurements across different hybridization-based technologies", was published in the July issue of top rated journal "Nature Biotechnology" (impact factor 22,7).
Below is a summary of the findings, written by Fang Liu, as well as information about the bioinformatics group and about Fang Liu herself, written by Eivind Hovig.
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