Scientific lectures available via web TV

Scientific lectures from various meetings, as well as doctoral disputations and other oral presentations - are now to an increasing degree being made available via web TV - an excellent service provided by the Department of Medical Informatics.
Among the many scientific lectures available from the Web TV home page are the following talks, transmitted from a seminar arranged by the "Centre for Cancer Biomedicine":

Signalling pathways I: Role of the I3K pathway in lymphoma
Kaisa Haglund, Centre for Cancer Biomedicine

Molecular techniques: exon arrays, translocation arrays - fusion genes in lymphomas
Rolf I. Skotheim, Dept. of Cancer Prevention

Use of antibodies for molecular targeting of lymphomas
Sigrid Skånland, Centre for Cancer Biomedicine

Colorectal cancer - a general introduction
Terje Ahlquist, PhD student, MSc, Institute for cancer research, Dept. of cancer prevention, Radiumhospitalet

Prognostic factors and translational research in colorectal cancer
Maria Einarsen Pretorius, PhD student, MSc

Novel diagnostic biomarkers for colorectal cancer
Guro Elisabeth Lind, Post doc, Dr.Philos, Institute for cancer research, Dept. of cancer prevention, Radiumhospitalet

Cell signalling in colorectal cancer
Jørgen Wesche, Project Leader, Senior Scientist, Department of Biochemistry, Institute for cancer research, Radiumhospitalet

Drosophila as a model system for cancer overgrowth and invasion
Tor Erik Rusten, Postdoc, Dep. of Biochemistry, Institute of cancer research, Radiumhospitalet

Signaling pathways II: Role of the TGF-ß/BMP pathway in lymphomas
Morten P. Oksvold, Post.doc., Centre for Cancer Biomedicine

Other lectures and presentations: visit the Web TV home page

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