The new Centre of Excellence: Centre for Cancer Biomedicine

The "Centre for Cancer Biomedicine" - located at the Institute for Cancer Research - will receive about 100 million NOK over a ten years period. The centre was chosen as one of eight new "Centres of excellence" in late December 2006.

The new centre will be the subject of the upcoming institute seminar on Wednesday, 31st of January. The seminar will be given by Harald Stenmark and Ragnhild Lothe - director and vice-director of the centre, respectively.

Title of the talk: "New Centre of Excellence at the Radium Hospital: Centre for Cancer Biomedicine".

Time and place: 12:00 (NB) in the seminar room F4

The "Centre for Cancer Biomedicine" is a constellation of seven research groups, which are headed by Harald Stenmark, Ragnhild A.Lothe, Kirsten Sandvig, Håvard E. Danielsen, Sjur Olsnes, Erlend B.Smeland and Knut Liestøl.


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