CoE-applicant from the Institute for cancer research to final round

H.A. Stenmark - proposed CoE director
H.A. Stenmark - proposed CoE director
In December 2006, between five and ten new centres of excellence will be selected by the Research Council. 26 of the total of 98 research groups that have applied for CoE-status from 2007 have reached the final selection round. Among the finalists is the application from the "Centre for Cancer Biomedicine" at Norwegian Radium Hospital, with Harald A. Stenmark as proposed CoE director. At present, there are 13 established Norwegian Centres of Excellence in all fields of science.
The Centres of Excellence (CoE) scheme, which is initiated by the Research Council of Norway, has the intention to bring more Norwegian researchers and research groups up to a high international standard. The centres are devoted to long-term, basic research.


Institute for cancer research

Harald Stenmark

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26 CoE-applicants reach the final round

The present 13 centres of exellence
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